RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Love that they are still doing the teaser for the first combined episode like they are going to fight and kill each other.

It was funny in Season 6, cute in Season 12 as it has been so long. Boring in Season 13 and now 3 years in a row is tedious.


Angeria ate the episode.

I also really enjoyed Lady Camden, Jorgeous and Jazmine.
he / him
Maddy already talking about the 'negative opinions' on her drag don't leave me with much hope of her understanding the genuine criticisms.
How did Maddy's runway look work? (I don't watch Untucked, if it was revealed there someone tell me) Was she bent forward for the like 9 hours it takes them to film the runway and judging? Because if so, damn that must have killed.

Also... Daya slicing her shoulder open with her nails during the lipsync? Mama this isn't Dragula.
I have to laugh at all the queens getting asked "what inspires your drag?" throughout the episode while Maddy got the "so, how does it feel to be straight?" narrative.