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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Lady Camden trade of the season a bit.
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  2. #TeamAngeria

    That’s how you serve CUNT, Daddy Morphine.
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  3. That episode was terrible. Giving the queens free reign to lip sync to whatever they want is such a mistake, and allows for extra levels of laziness.

    Poor Coco.
  4. I get the exact opposite - they are allowed to do what they do at their usual shows, and I cannot believe it took them fourteen seasons to allow Drag Queens put on a Drag show on a season that isn't All Stars. 'Lazy' or not, it is what they do for a living.
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  5. It is a scream that both times they’ve given the win to the queen who lip synced to their original song though. Whereas I know Coco would have turned out Janet and won the episode.

    Daya Betty’s lacklustre P!nk lip sync was not it. I did enjoy Jorgeous’ performance a lot, but Angeria is the ONE
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  6. I thought it was a really good show? Oop

    yes there was a lot of lip syncing but it was paired with great dancing and generally appropriate songs. I actually thought the talent level was really high. Maddy’s was a great talent and I was with Alicia in feeling it but it definitely needed dragging up in this format. The only ones that were a poor choice for me were Daya - which wasn’t even bad just not popping in the way it needed, and Deja - who showed her mettle later in the episode.

    pretty much everybody bought something to the table. I enjoyed it.

    Angeria & Camden are the ones for me from this set.
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  7. Both original songs that won the challenges being bops is also a scream.
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  8. I enjoyed it too and to be fair lipsyncing is what you usually get when attending drag shows. It’s the performance and song choice itself that’s supposed to tell us something about the queen. Daya’s failed terribly in that aspect so it was the correct one to go in my opinion.
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  9. Angeria's runway?? Shoot!
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I was shocked it wasn't Girl On Fire.
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  11. I like this cast. I'm sad the first ever type 1 diabetic queen went out first! It was cute for a midwest small town bar but compared to the others, it just didn't cut it.

    Angeria blew me away. Not only did she have the best confessionals hands-down but the runway look was incredible and the song? An actually good song. Between hers this week and Kornbread's last week, I'm stanning.

    Maddy... I don't know. Jury's out for me. The Marie Antoinette look was Pythia-lite but fine. The Guy entrance look actually made me laugh out loud at its absurdity. I could see her out next though.

    Otherwise, lots of potential for some of these queens to show off some incredible looks. Strong start.
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  12. Angeria is everything I needed this season.

    Can M**** leave in the third episode?

    Untucked was really unwatchable this episode my god. The SOB STORIES. MAKE IT STOP!
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  13. Yeah I miss the fake overproduced fighting in the Interior Illusions Lounge. New untucked is so fucking boring.

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  14. Alicia speaking to queens from behind he mirror felt so awkwardly long that it ended up being hilarious.
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  15. Maddy's flats were unforgivable, I don't care if she had to stay hunched over for 10 hours. It's not that they were even flats that killed it, I mean a ballet slipper.
  16. Maddy spending most of the episode frozen with nerves and anxiety as he awaited exposure was quite the cathartic role-reversal, oh yes.
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  17. Mama Ru calling Deja a "lipsync assassin" after that is another WTF moment.
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  18. 1 winning performance does not an assassin make.

    I think you really need to have won at least 2 to be one in the non All Stars sense.
  19. I screamed because Ru was basically telling her to make sure she knows the words every week.
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