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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

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  2. I need Willow to do Lisa Kudrow [Comeback coded] for Snatch Game.
  3. Cyndi Lauper first.
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  4. Lizzo and Alicia were really strong guest judges, I have to say. And to know that Taraji, Alec Mapa, Ts Madison and Loni Love are coming up as judges this season too.. It's gonna be good. Until Ava Max shows up
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  5. The P!nk song gave me more uncomfortable straight energy than Maddie.
  6. Ok but did they have to get the most boring straight man ever? Even the makeover challenge participants are more fun as straight men.
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  7. Daya actually didn’t know the words to Get The Party Started. She’s the true straight of the season y’all.

    Also, Willam said what she said about Maddy in the new Race Chaser episode - ANNA OOP!
  8. Michelle saying: "You know I'm always one to say "It's costumey" - but it worked". What the fuck does that critique even mean?

    Or to put it this way:
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  9. Daya should have at least chosen the Shirley Bassey version.
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  10. I know I shouldn't but
    Maddy was okay.

    In fact, this season is full of queens I love, it's hard for me to dislike or say anything negative about anyone in particular, so kudos to them for going full 180° after how spiteful half the cast of 13 was.
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  11. Angeria really came in and treated every second of her first episode like it was the finale of All Winners and she was born to be there while some others did... what they did. Pretty thrilling to watch!

    I love the idea of opening with a talent show (or two!) but it's also almost too good a method of separating the early-outs from the properly great queens.
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  12. Angeria ate that episode. She just wiped the floor.

    I'm still going to give Maddy the same consideration as the others, and it can take a couple of episodes to really form an opinion on them. But she was very underwhelming in the opener. I absolutely detested that entrance look. It was so fucking vile.

    The headless look was good, but after we saw the posts from Dita, it left a sour taste. It might have been reasonably well executed, but the whole circumstances around it are so bad. Assuming that's true of course.

    Overall, group 1 was stronger for me. Kornbread and Willow absolutely steamrolled this group on their own.
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  13. Even if Mandy did get her inspiration from Dita, the headless Marie Antoinette is such a tired concept at this point. Everyone and their aunts have done it, and miss Dita should check her facts if she really believes she came up with that concept by herself.
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  14. Yes, I do totally agree with that. We've all seen it a hundred times. I was more thinking of the circumstances around how Maddy allegedly reacted to Dita and sent threats and stuff. However, we only have one side of that story.

    But I thought the look itself was actually quite good. Maddy was middle of the pack overall in that episode. But skewed towards the bottom purely for that entrance look. I don't know why I find it so gross. It might be the wig. The face and hair was giving me Iris from the League of Gentleman.

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  15. You clearly didn't read it. She literally said Maddy approached her, stole it and then sent abusive messages (and her friends) when she called it out.
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  16. You clearly didn't read her saying "I wish I hadn't deleted all the messages" dsfcjkdfkolg. I'm all up for holding the hettie responsible for the queer spaces he is inhabiting as long as it's based on facts and truth instead of a bitter queen's machinations. And again, Maddy never stole anything - that idea wasn't Dita's in the first place. You will learn soon enough that not everything queens put up on Instagram stories without an ounce of evidence is true.
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  17. I did laugh at Maddy saying she didn't want to sound too much like someone from Arkansas... before pulling out "knee high to a grasshopper" to call Jorgeous short, a phrase I only heard from the MOST country folks when I was a kid growing up in the South.
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  18. Maddy being the only verified girl of Season 14 on Instagram is straight privilege.
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  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Ah yes, the great city of... OHIO.

    kii, she's in Columbus, my home before moving to New York. That's forno behind her, next to the gentrified taco spot, Bakersfield. This pic is sending me.
  20. After watching both episodes my immediate faves are Kornbread, Kerri, Angeria & Jorgeous. I think Jorgeous had my favourite talent show number, she was just captivating, though obviously the correct winners were chosen.
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