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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Kornbread and Angeria's original songs feel like they're already on All Stars-level runs which really is where the Talent Show challenge should stay.

    Also, Willow's humor translating to a hilarious online presence gives me such trust in her.
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  2. Finally watched the 2nd episode.

    Overall, this season has such a strong cast! It's really good to have the talent show open the season cause it really allows the queens to show what they do best. I can see any of Kornbread, Angeria, Willow, Bosco, Jasmine, Jorgeous, Kerri and Lady Camden winning at this point. A lot of them just seemed so polished and put together despite it being a relatively young cast.
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  3. The truth is Maddy’s drag isn’t particularly good or interesting. Especially for the Olympics of Drag.
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  4. Angeria is hosting a free weekly viewing party at a cabaret in Atlanta where La La Ri is also performing, I might have to venture to the club.
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  5. Angeria’s runway look was absolutely stunning. I do know the talent show gives them a chance to show what their performances are like but since a lot were lip syncs it kind of ruins the surprise for me some. I like seeing how good they are or think they are during the span of the season and seeing if they can bring it when there’s a lip sync battle.
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  6. Mr.Arroz

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  7. The Ru girls ganging up on Maddy for wearing flats on the show, we love to see it.
  8. So much for the tolerant queers!
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  9. Did people really enjoy this? I felt bad for Bob and whilst I get the vibe of the whole "Sibling Rivalry" dymanic, this felt weirdly personal and passive aggressive... however well they composed themselves. If any of my friends ever spoke to me like that about any aspect of my physical appearance notwithstanding a genuine, neglected ailment of some kind, I wouldn't be in a hurry to see them again in a while.

    Loved the previous interracial dating episode though. They should definitely get that panel together!
  10. Some of you defending the idea the talent show should be restricted to All Stars seasons as if 70% of those weren't bottom-worthy performances...

    I agree that none of the 14 performances this season reached highs like Tatiana's, Gia's or Valentina's talent shows, but there was nothing as atrocious and offending (except for the hettie and the P!nk song) as Trinity's tucking number, Ginger Minj singing a hecking ballad, Latrice's... whatever that was, Thorgy's violin, Monét Xchange's vocals and hideous original song, PhiPhi singing acapella, Milk's fifth grade art project... and the list goes on. I've been listening to Kornbread's and Angeria's bops on a daily, Sponge Queen on the other hand is a memory I wish I could erase.
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  11. Ok not too much now. Soak It Up is a bop, Monet just blotched the vocals and Monique didn't lose her wig during the talent show.

  12. All of those were at least entertaining, though (and I’m not even a fan of the talent show challenge as a whole). What I was missing from the talent show this year was the sheer delusion and self-aggrandizement that comes with All Stars that makes even the worst of train wrecks a little entertaining. What I don’t need is to watch 14 tentative and unsure lipsyncs in a row.
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  13. I can't wait for her to be eliminated and open an onlyfans account in a year time.
  14. Mr.Arroz

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  15. The gulf between Manny and Angeria’s talent show performances. That’s why straight men should be gatekept from drag. The vibe is completely off.
  16. but Maddy’s wasn’t the worst talent, though. What should happen to the two for whom the gulf was even greater?
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  17. Talent Shows are absolutely right for a mainline season. Let the queens have the freedom show off what they do. Imagine a version of Season 7 where Violet actually got to show off her burlesque skills.
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  18. Maddy's was boring. In what drag show world are you going to whip that one out?
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  19. I know Thorgy is hated around here, but playing a violin is genuine talent. The reaching is insane.
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  20. I agree! I’ve loved the talent show opening the season
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