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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. The black queen getting less attention and praise than the white queens... Are we surprised at this point? Them making her look bad in this episode didn't help her either.
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  2. I absolutely wouldn’t have been mad to see Daya win this episode. I don’t think any of the verses were exceptional (for me, they all started kinda slow besides Bosco, and were better towards the end) so without verses to separate them and judged by a marker of 1) outfit they designed 2) how they actually performed in the vid 3) runway, I think Daya probably edged it, not dropping the ball. Her designed outfit was by so far and away the best.

    That said, Camden’s runway was astonishingly beautiful, she danced like a dream and her verse had a strong ending, so I’m not mad. Just think that they could have gone in with a more even set of wins by giving Daya a second.

    I think this season has been near perfect besides the constant non elimination episodes. Someone should have gone home this ep, and I wouldn’t have been mad if it were Bosco, much as I do like her.

    Really wouldn’t be mad at any of them winning though, what a final five (but you still gotta eliminate people!)
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  3. Just realized they never did a makeover episode this season. Which I think they’ve done literally every other season?
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  4. Covid restrictions probably put a halt to those.
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  5. Would have welcomed another ‘make each other over’ challenge again tbh
  6. More Keri Colby strutting around the workroom being genuinely fantastic all round would have been okay with me
  7. The makeover episode in Season 13 was so good, it’s a shame they’re not doing that every season.
  8. Having the queens make each other over was a great idea, but I do think Denali was done a little dirty by it.
  9. Someone’s always done dirty in the makeover challenges though.
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  10. Jocelyn Fox being given a black man and no makeup for a black person by the producers

    (Tit nudge)
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  11. The way I’m willing for a Willow win whilst also recognising she hasn’t won a challenge in THREE MONTHS… the episode order truly done fucked up drag.
  12. Has anyone checked in on the Domino’s Ireland twitter recently?

  13. Daya's done one of the biggest 0 to a 100 the show has ever seen, it's actually wild! I'm Team Willow as I feel I too would've died of dysentery in the 1800s, but props to Daya and her arch!
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  14. I’m attracted to Daya out of drag in all his tall, lean glory.
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  15. BTG


    Never did I expect to see the Bosco puppet ever get referenced on PJ. Christ.
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  16. Not only that. But they removed all the stuff they gave to Trinity which was apparently the first time they had done that all season.
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  17. Especially when you had Tina Burner standing next to her.
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  18. Apparently, her performance outfit looks nothing like the design she gave them. If that is the case, it seems kind of odd that the judges would critique their outfits considering it was made for them and given to them the day of the challenge.
  19. Nn baby we saw the sketches but okay.
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