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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Agree, I loved Bob and Willow together. There's a very "silent assassin" vibe about Willow sometimes and I love that the humour is understated but absolutely pin sharp. I laughed out loud a few times during the runway section, but neither of them having Trinity in the top was a little silly. I do agree the top half of Shea's look was killer, but the bottom half is nothing.
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    This season the queens aren’t informed who’s the top 2 before going into untucked because the lipstick eliminations aren’t happening. As they all get good critiques and don’t know who will be lipsyncing, they are all allowed to change. So, even the queens who are pretty certain they aren’t in the top 2 can change into a more comfortable outfit.
  3. "After 14 years of Drag Race.."

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  4. Betsey almost breaking her hip on the catwalk, the Season 3 guest judge energy jumped ouT!
  5. 2014

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    I know she probably can't help it but I HATE Yvie's laugh so much ff.
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  7. I'm actually quite enjoying Untucked this season, which is odd because objectively it's not exactly a thrill ride. Obviously there's no drama but I'm enjoying watching this cast interact with each other and the guest judges. Pleasant background to have on while eating lunch or something.
  8. Yvie having to do the full on laugh after every single sentence is bit much I have to agree.
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    Shea's look


    I do feel bad for her though that she had to paint the fabric, that clearly ate up a lot of her time. The top half was truly amazing in any case.
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  10. Yeah, but her look is the exact opposite of that diagram! But them giving that iconic print as the look she has to recreate, but only giving her plain pink fabric was shady as fuck. She painted that pattern really well, it looked amazing.
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  11. Sometimes one decision can ruin an outfit and... that orange splodge killed it for me.
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    Oh she's def doing it on purpose now.
  13. My one and only gripe with this season remains the complete lack of criticism from the judges. These queens are incredible, but let’s not pretend that they’re beyond critiques. This week was particularly glaring with what Jinkx and Raja pulled out.
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  14. She kept doing it during the Barcelona M&G and then she was at the same club as us and I heard it every time people came up to her from meters away... stunt queen!
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  15. Her real laugh slipping through sometimes in Untucked, only for her to revert to the fake over the top laugh... Makes my skin crawl.
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  16. You just know the producers are saying to her, ‘let’s do this again but with a bigger laugh’.
  17. It's the same with Trinity, to be honest - at some point in AS4, either Trinity started really pushing that high-pitched squeaky giggle, or production started locking in and isolating it to make it a 'thing'.
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  18. I never noticed Trinity's?
  19. My power rankings:



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  20. Jinkx


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