RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Jinkx is kinda starting to lose me. Her need to be centre of attention and praise is getting stale and this week she over acted her role past the point of absurdity into plain annoying. I thought Trinity and Monet were the unsung stars of the challenge. Jaida and Shea's looks were stunning. Regardless, I will never complain about Raja being showered with praise. Her goofing about in the lip sync and the blocking was a highlight.
Yeah, I’m not agreeing with the tops this week again. Personally I don’t really think Raja should have been there. Bits of her performance were great but there was plenty which didn’t work, whereas Shea and Monet both were pretty solid throughout in their roles and were overlooked once again. Monet was probably the one I actually laughed out loud for. For Raja, That one part we kept seeing where she went ‘oh COME all YE faithful’ really struck me as the wrong intonation on ‘YE’ - it was giving me Kahmora Hall only… put her in the top for it? Don’t get me wrong, she was good, but it just felt random. In fact the top four they discussed felt super random tbh.

I would have gone with The Viv (who I think did do great tbh) and either Monet or Shea.

I’m glad some people are appreciating Monet in general, she always has the funniest little one liners in the workroom. Just keeps missing out on the tops in the challenges. I don’t know if I can see a way to the top for her now.
Acting challenges across the board are a bit of a slog, but I actually think this was one of the marginally better ones. Doesn't say much, but hey.

The Vivienne, Monét, and Shea were the best. Trinity and Raja did decently too, and Raja also nailed the lipsync.

I think the season is losing steam a bit for me - 8 episodes probably would've been ideal.
I think the season is losing steam a bit for me - 8 episodes probably would've been ideal.

Yeah, we should have been approaching the finale by now. I think the format works - generally speaking but it needs some tweaks. The lip sync needs more stakes. It could be two stars and the block power for the win, and just 1 star if you lose the lip sync.
I normally rush to watch this of a Friday morning but something held me back today, maybe the season is running out of steam or maybe I just can't stomach Drag Race acting challenges any more.
Oh yes that’s a solid point that I forgot, Janicza was exxxxxcellent. I know we saw her plenty but annoying she was the only guest judge so far not to go backstage for Untucked as I could have watched her all day.
That was… one of the worst acting challenges ever. Not a single laugh, not even a snort from me. Wow. Whoever wrote the script I hope you know I hate you.
The names being dropped as some of the best for this weeks was all absolutely rotten to the core. This episode was awful with terrible winners to boot.