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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Kind of agree with some people being a bit over Jinkx. I was obsessed at the start of the season, but she’s just trying so hard to be the center of attention that it is coming across as a bit too much at times. Doesn’t help that almost every single confessional is her as well. Her wins have been mostly deserved, but I’m slowly getting a bit tired of the (imo kinda forced) kookiness and weirdness.

    This season could have done with being 10 episodes, 9 plus the finale. Or maybe even less. I get that they want everyone to get their chance to shine, but it’s getting a bit stale. Especially since so many of the Top 2 placements seem to be storyline driven rather than based on the actual challenge at hand. Still a fun season, but I’m ready for it to end.
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  2. I'm still firmly team Jinx and lemme add Jaida into the mix as well.
  3. The people saying it was the worst ever can't stand that The Vivienne did well again?
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  4. The Viv has more than held her own against the US Winners, I myself am surprised in writing this, not being a fan, but some credit is due
  5. The Vivienne did do well in the challenge.

    But the challenge was still shit.
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  6. It really had nothing to do with how queens performed. The script was shit. Not a single funny line was uttered.
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The Viv does not deserve to be this highly praised in a season that has Raja, Shea and even Monet begging for scraps.
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  8. I've been ok with the Viv so far but she was hammy and irritating in this. But I guess that's how Ru wants these challenges to feel. He finds that cringe inducing am-dram bombast hilarious for some reason. It was clear from the first rehearsal she was going to win even though other people were making much more interesting choices. Shea was really good at playing the straightwoman!

    Not really sure what to make of people saying Jinkx is attention seeking. She's... a drag queen? With this challenge she took what little she had and ran with it. I'm not sure what else she's supposed to do. I will concede she is being treated a bit like the Main Character in the edit right now, but what else is new with WOW and Jinkx?

    Shoutout to Jaida's runway, by the way. I had such fun watching her. My legendary legend every week!
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  9. I’m bored of the acting challenges being so unbalanced all the time, why can’t they write something where everyone has an equal chance to shine. I’m sick of half the cast always ending up in some kind of trio of characters they couldn’t be bothered writing properly.
  10. The praise for Shea's outfit felt almost a little too much? The overall silhouette and patterns were cool but nothing groundbreaking, even if we just compare it to some of her previous drag race looks.

    Same goes for most of the runway praise this episode to be honest. The 'only good critiques' shtick is beginning to verge into parody territory.
  11. Any episode that Raja wins isn't bad. Yas. Raja and Jaida for the finale idgaf who else
  12. I genuinely thought she was wearing her Golden Tooth Fairy dress again until I realised it was knitted...
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  13. Scripted acting challenges don't belong on All Stars full stop. They only work on main seasons when they're an early season challenge designed to weed out the characters who can't take even the most basic note. When it's applied to the supposed best of the best, nobody wins.

    But with all that in mind, Monet was deeply robbed.
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  14. Because then they wouldnt be able to have the 'Queen... had 3 lines but made it work, stole the show!!' twist.
  15. Another week another ugly shiny bomber for the hilarious Ross Mathews.

  16. He’s raiding Karamo from Queer Eyes closet now that he doesn’t really wear them all that much anymore.
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  17. People saying that was one of the worst acting challenges when we've had lows like sex and the kitty girl, breastworld, my best squirrel friend's wedding, that shrinking mess from season 13...

    The girls did good in this one and I actually think...Jinkx would have been robbed if her runway wasn't one of the worst.
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  18. That was a bad episode.
    And Viv won, making it worse.

    so lets check in a week aagin
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  19. The Rumerican Horror Story HAS to be mentioned among the worst acting challenge.

    I think this was firmly one of the best written acting challenges, and yes that is saying something.
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  20. I'm surprised to read the reactions because I watched the episode during a plane trip, so isolated from comments, and I thought it was genuinely one of the funniest and best acted challenges they've had.

    The writing was okay but I liked the most that everyone held their own and had a well defined role even if some were clearly more supportive than others.
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