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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Jinkx and Monet aside, I hated this challenge. Yvie’s video in particular felt like I was suffering through an episode of Cocomelon.

    That lipsync though, I’d of given it to either of them. So good.
  2. The ones who were good at this challenge were very good. The rest were skippable to be honest. But still, the branding challenges are some of the most interesting.

    Time is running out for some...I feel like this blocking has sentenced things for Raja. It may be safe to assume that everyone with 3 stars or above will get to the finale? Otherwise there must be some mechanism to undo any potential ties. These upcoming two weeks are going to be very exciting.
  3. Great lipsync and evenly matched, but Monet fumbled enough words for me to think the win should've been Jinkx's.
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  4. Jaida’s dance challenge…. I don’t know a better woman
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  5. Jaida and Jinkx's runways were incredible.
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  6. Shea's Runway....?
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  7. Didn't Michelle say something along the lines of "I've never seen an assless gown"?

    Detox has done at least two of those right?
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  8. In the words of Jinkx's "Michelle is so full of semen. PERIOD"

    As much as I loved Jinkx video, the challenge was not to create a funny video but a TikTok worthy dance video to go viral and the only video worth of the top spot was Shea's. She was robbed of a star.

    With the current star count, Jinkx and Jaida are 2 of the 4 queens in the lipsync lala paruza right?
  9. I think Jinkx's runway helped her this week. Given the category I was underwhelmed by a lot of them, but Jinkx and Jaida nailed those runways. Shea's dress was so ill fitting that she didn't deserve a star this week.
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  10. The conversation between Trinity and Jaida on Untucked is the funniest thing in the world.
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  11. I hate reveals. There were some beautiful pieces on display but the awkwardness of getting through all the changes ruins the whole thing. Plus it's not a surprise if it's the theme of the runway, and they all have to walk out in a first look that resembles a stuffed tent. It's tired. Just let the girls wear something beautiful and if it's a reveal, it's a reveal.
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  12. Me watching the dance challenge videos

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  13. Okay but Monet's dance went OFF.
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  14. BTG


    Jinkx and Monét’s lip sync was camp.
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  15. Jaida's looks were truly breath-taking. The way all four looks stand on their own and none of them (bar arguably the first) look like they're disguising a reveal. Excellence. No notes.
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  16. I am so sick of Jinkx.
  17. And that runway? Come on urgh so good
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  18. Jaida was quite exceptional in the way she revealed her four looks and they were somehow all floor length, I genuinely don’t know how she managed that, BUT… I didn’t think any of them were particularly nice to look at,
  19. So from what I can tell, the runway only works because they’re all floor length to disguise what is definitely a tangled mess of fabric underneath. The first silhouette is quite clever in kind of obscuring how the gowns get increasingly bottom heavy.
  20. That challenge was a lot of shite.
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