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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I enjoy every episode and then come on here and there are so many negative opinions, I really don't get it. This is the best season there has been for a while in my opinion.
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  3. It’s Jinkx’s edit (both seasons now) that is tiresome to me. She’s truly a great queen but the show insists on editing her in the most overly positive and precious way that makes me root against her when I otherwise wouldn’t. Everyone carrying on like she’s the massive front runner of the season as if she wasn’t one of the very worst 3 challenges in a row prior to this one is a bit much. I was rooting for her on season 5 but on rewatch the edit is so overbearing that, like Roxxxy, my favorite moment becomes seeing her in the bottom 2. She’s done well in all the challenges you’d expect her to but outside of that, I’ve been underwhelmed, especially at her 4 lipsyncs now which seem to prove Malambo No 1 was an absolute fluke (or flat out rigged according to Detox)
  4. Next week on All Stars…
    “Raja: “Cunts….”

    She’s so good.
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  5. That lipsync...
  6. Jinkx had me on the floor in tears. She’s spectacular.
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  7. Jinkx is quite possibly the best actor that's ever been cast on the show, not because she's necessarily the most versatile, but because every part she is given, even the most generic one (see last week), she can twist it, enrich it and make 1000% her own. Bob is up there, arguably even better, but no one else comes even close.
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  8. The way they had a post production Ru voiceover explaining what the runway category was this week because even they realised they were reaching with what they called it
  9. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Screaming at RuPaul basically admitting to not stepping foot in a gay bar in like a year since he hasn’t heard of Shea Soul-ale.
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  10. This is so funny. It feels like classic Untucked.

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  11. Yeah I’m surprised at the negative comments I see weekly because I’m having a lot of fun with this season. Like, I’m genuinely sad when the episode ends and can’t wait for next week’s.

    The challenge this week was fun, it felt perfectly designed for Monet because she’s so charismatic on camera. I enjoyed everyone’s runways but majorly impressed with Jaida’s and Jinkx’s - those were amazing.
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  12. Whilst I admit it does seem to have slipped a little, I can't begrudge a season that

    - Showcases Jaida as one of THE powerhouse winners, not only for fashion but for humour and charm.
    - Relights the love for Raja, genuinely through her own design.
    - Showcases the talent and heart of Trinity the Tuck as one of the strongest drag queens the show has produced.
    - Showed Yvie as out of her depth
    - Made me not so embarrassed that the Viv won our first season in the UK as she has talent
    - Showed Shea as the underdog with such special and powerful runways.
  13. Did Michelle say to Jinkx that everything you did was funnier than the next?

    So did she speak wrong, or say it got less funny as it went on?
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  14. Yes she did say that, but meant to say funnier than the last.
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  15. This thumbnail though
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  16. This week’s episode was an absolute delight. I watched it all with a smile from ear to ear.
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  17. The fact that Shea is technically coming last right now but it’s really Yvie. Whew, her power.

    Something is not clicking with Shea this run though, I can’t work it out. Monet, Jinx and Jaida all absolutely slayed this week.
  18. The thing that’s probably hindered Shea the most in this competition is that she is ‘very good’ at essentially everything, but she’s been edged out of the top most weeks because there will be competitors who will excel at that week’s particular niche just slightly more than she does, claiming the win.

    It transpires that, if you’re able to unpick ‘high’ placements from the mass of wall-to-wall positive critiques (i.e. those who get shout-outs when the judges deliberate, but ultimately aren’t top 2), Shea is approximately joint second-best performing with Jinkx, just behind Trinity.

    Basically, in a season of 12 episodes and no eliminations, it actually sort of works against you if you’re a very competent all-rounder, as opposed to someone who performs middling most weeks, but can snatch a few wins if your niche is sewing/acting/comedy, which will swing by a few times throughout. Shea’s ‘thing’ is probably writing and performing verses, which led to her first week win and should’ve led to her winning the TRL week too but the judges nearly always prefer stupid humour over anything else unless you’re Rock M. Sakura.
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  19. Remember Shea's fucking alien spike look. Yeesh
  20. For me the problem with Shea, is that she doesn't surprise me or do anything unexpected in the challenges. She can do on the runway, but they don't count much.
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