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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. I’ll always love Shea, she’s top-tier but I get the feeling she has nothing left to prove so she’s kinda just meeting the assignments each week without taking it to the next level. Her AS5 run was amazing because she was hungry and had a lot to prove both to her and the show and it showed every week when she killed it.

    Maybe she returned too soon after her AS5 run to really take her drag to the next level and evolve even more???
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  2. Another week Shea & Monet were the Top 2.
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  3. Monet and Jaida were my favorites this week, but I never expected JEH to be in the top because that would ruin the narrative.

    Love that we’re getting a roast next week, I think this cast will deliver.
  4. Shea was good this week at the challenge and was the most real. But if this was a regular season or All Stars they would have said she didn't do a drag version of the challenge. That and her runway didn't really fit properly so I think if there was bottoms she'd have been in it.
  5. Cancel the show. Put it out of its misery. This is the first time that I actually ended up skipping most of the main challenge.

    I would’ve blocked Shea so she could no longer catch up and be done for the season. Why block Rajah who won’t be a threat during the lipsync smackdown?

    Ben Platt looking like bootleg Jack Harlow made me kinda horny
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  6. Mother of * STYLE.
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  7. Jinkx is truly killing it this season. My GOD, the talent she exudes when acting is just priceless. She can turn a little role into a major breakthrough with her twists and turns.
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  8. Jinkx

    My top 5! I just don’t like The Vivienne and the others just aren’t bringing it the same way those 5 are for me.
  9. Could you imagine if Eureka did this challenge and did Jinkx routine? Not so funny now, is it?

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  10. The Vivienne calling out them picking the TRL teams was a bit of a gag
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  11. Fixed.
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  12. I'm not seeing enough love for Raja's runway this week. A season highlight!
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  13. I don’t read any spoilers but I’m guessing Shea is going to win next week just so it looks like she has a chance to make the final 4.
  14. Sam


    This week’s lip sync was so dumb dddd I love this stupid ass show
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  15. Raja's wig ruined an otherwise immaculate runway.
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  16. But Eureka constantly makes fat jokes or about her eating. So it's not funny as it's expected.

    Food or fat jokes isn't a crutch Jinkx uses in every single Drag Race performance.
  17. But Eureka would have used one of the three jokes in her arsenal 8 times in a row instead.

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  18. So, what we're saying is that if things were different they'd be different...?
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