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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Saw her and Dela’s holiday show last week and they were so good.
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  2. RainOnFire

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    I can't stop watching this, I'm so proud of her. The fact that her partner is in drag too! The soccer moms weren't ready I fear
  3. She won by making it to the finale and I feel like she accomplished exactly what she set out to do.
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  4. I've heard today that the next seasons filming are All Stars All Winners 2, USA Vs The World and Europe Vs The World.

    I don't know if any of those have been mentioned here, but there will be some down under queens on each so my source says.
  5. I am fatigued
  6. Surely they're going for some world record for the longest-running consecutive show in Earth's existence.

    At this point, I'm over it too. But I'll keep watching UK and all stars seasons.
  7. Sassy bjork gays:
    - Dragula is better!!!111

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  8. I'm perched for All Winners 2 so long as it's a good cast (again) and they don't edit out the negative critiques this time.
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  9. I don't know who they'd have on All Winners 2 so soon, more none US ones I hope
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  10. Ra'Jah to win Canada Vs The World so she can compete in all three of the new ones mentioned x
  11. When we have to suffer through a whole season of Blu.
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  12. We're Here on HBO is back and honestly that's the drag I need right now.
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  13. Slowly coming to terms with the fact that we may never see Kelly on All Stars because she'd commit a hostile takeover. Judges panel included.
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  14. Kelly Mantle is such a gift. Absolutely comic genius.
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  15. This is definitely false because Ru will be filming Down Under 3 in January or February next year then UK 5 in the spring with the possibility of the rumored UK All Stars. American seasons, which is what All Winners 2 and US vs the World would be, don't even film until the summer and I guarantee they are not going to film 2 All Star style seasons over the regular season, 16, which is WAY more profitable as its the only US show that actually airs even on television here versus streaming. Season 16 will need to be available to air on TV in early winter 2024 so it definitely will be filmed prior to any All Star season that won't be aired until after.
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  16. It's possible she could one of those seasons, but like @TheOnlyOne said, it's unlikely.

    Season 15, without spoiling too much, is going to be long, which will allow Ru to get both Down Under and UK done and dusted potentially before the season has even finished.

    They'll probably film one All Star season and Season 16 back-to-back while AS8 is airing and then maybe film another AS variation while UK5 is airing.
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  17. Even this is unlikely. World of Wonder is notoriously cheap and they purposefully film seasons that share studios back-to-back to save production costs and staffing logistics. It's why each All Star season films directly after the regular season, why they filmed UK vs the World directly after UK3, and even Canada vs the World immediately after Canada 3. They send one cast home and the next season begins filming the following week with no breaking period for the staff or judges because it's easier and cheaper that way. If they are planning an additional US season to be filmed next year, they wouldn't be filming it as UK5 airs in the fall, months after they've closed down the sets and sent production home from AS9 filming, it'd be back-to-back-to-back with S16, and AS9. Based on Dragcon LA being in mid-May 2023, UK filming will need to be done by then and S16 will likely film soon after with whatever All Stars immediately after that.

    Paramount Plus, which would be the likely home of the alleged All Winners 2 and US vs the World seasons, wouldn't even be able to air anything in the first half of the year due to exclusivity deals with VH1 and the regular season so 2 All Stars seasons would both have to air between June-December of 2024.
  18. Angele Anang needs to be on All Winners 2.

  19. US vs the World really doesn’t need to be a thing when we already have All Stats which is always an all American cast bar The Viv for All Winners. I’d be really excited for a UK All Stars and All Winners 2 though.
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  20. Well we'll see what happens I guess, but I heard it from a horse's mouth so to speak, that contracts have been signed.

    I would hazard a guess that Ru wouldn't be hosting Europe Vs the World, it would be one, or multiple, European franchise hosts doing it in the same way Brooklyn is doing Canada Vs the World.
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