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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Angele Anang
    Icesis Couture
    Envy Peru
    Carmen Faralá
    Kylie Sonique Love
    Willow Pill
    Lawrence Chaney
  2. I’d kill to watch Carmen stomp the girls.
  3. I love We’re Here.

    I love that Drag Race has paved the way for more drag shows. But I must admit I like We’re Here, La Mas Draga etc more than Drag Race.
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  4. And she would be right to do it!
  5. Apparently Shangela's now being accused of r*pe and sexual assault.
  6. Just wanted to post this here so if anyone wanted to be informed about what's being alleged. Trigger warning upon trigger warning, it is pretty detailed.
  7. God, that is obviously just truly wretched. I'm pretty shocked, honestly. Have I missed any previous allegations, or is this a first that we're aware of?
  8. Oh wow. Devastating.
  9. I feel like there's been an accusation before a few years ago but it was widely brushed under the carpet. I could be wrong.
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  10. Yeah, i'm really disappointed. I was just the other day talking to someone about how much Shangela is having such a good trajectory in her career. Dancing with the Stars was fun and got a lot of eyes on her. We're Here is popular. Saw a video of her talking about Candance Cameron Bure being homophobic and her answer was so classy and pointed in all the right ways.
    It just really casts such a dark cloud over everything. Because right now we live in a time where drag queens (And then by extension, trans women, since conservatives love to conflate the two together) are really being attacked by the right for being deviant, perverted, assaulting, etc. so- i'm disappointed in someone who has really gotten to a great spot in their career would do this, and i'm really disappointed that someone who is trying to represent how drag queens really are and what drag really means, would do this. And while I want her to be held accountable, I hope it is by our community... and the Right doesn't pick up on this and make it more about drag queens than just about Shangela specifically.
  11. Sam


    I’m a bit speechless tbh. This is horrifying
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  12. The whole thing is horrifying. I do hope Shangela addresses this because these are serious allegations.
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  13. There's been several throughout the past few years from what I understand. Her behavior has often been described as creepish and predatory.
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  14. I think something came up around her All Stars run, maybe the same allegation.
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  15. God I totally missed them. While she is very clearly a lot to handle, and has certainly bought more and more into the Shangela hype over the last few years, I've still enjoyed watching her. She's an incredible talent and a passionate and often eloquent speaker. I hope she addresses this soon, although I'm sure the delay is her seeking legal advice. But, as with everyone else, I'm horrified that this could be true.
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  16. I recall a few stories but they were definitely more the hearsay angle vs written out in detail so there was less traction.
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  17. Shangela is a rapist and now Laganja is making Israeli propaganda. I know these things aren't equal but fucking hell.
  18. Isn't Laganja just promoting Durex lube in Israel?

    I'm not sure encouraging Israelis to buy lube or sex toys from a particular brand she's got a deal with in an amateurish tiktok video walking down a hotel hallway while squeezing in some of her quotes amounts to being a Netanyahu puppet mouthpiece. It's not like she's being paid by the Israeli government to put out videos supporting their actions and pushing propaganda and false narratives like, for example, all the attractive young Russian influencers are doing.

    Ru girls perform in Israel all the time.
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  19. Alleged, surely?
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