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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Dec 9, 2020.

  1. Few folk on Twitter saying that the Season 15 cast reveal is coming tomorrow or there’s an announcement/countdown to it.
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    Need some good season after the All Borings / Boredom Vs The World seasons.
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  3. Agreed. The regular US seasons always feel like the main event. Quite ready for a new set of queens!
  4. Don’t do this to Canada VS the WERLD sis - it’s good so far!
  5. I have to say, it feels like 82 years and 154 seasons of different Drag Race franchise seasons since the last season of US standard Drag Race.
    I'm kind of ready... but also, totally anticipating the season to be annoying, have all the same problems it usually does, and have way too many episodes where they don't eliminate enough people, puttering towards a finale that I wish they'd just get over with and put the season out of it's misery.
    BUT I just love seeing a cast of queens enter that gauntlet for the first time. And, having read the cast spoilers, I am extremely ready to see some of them, several of them I have loved for a long time.
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  6. In terms of how the season typically plays out (ie. not the cast alone) - at this stage Canada > US
  7. CANADA just got it so right. Except for the lighting.
  8. I suspected that Season 15 would drop the first week of January as that's when Ru's latest album is out. But Can they not let Canada vs The World have its moment in the sun before annoucing the cast of Season 15?! The buzz around Season 15 and the new crop of queen will just cannibalize the interest/ focus on Canada Vs The World. It's only 6 episodes, let her have her moment!
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  9. I get that in theory, but Can vs the World isn’t ending until 2 weeks before Season 15 is rumored to start. They purposefully announce the cast a month prior to drum up interest in the show and, more importantly, shine a spotlight on the cast before their reputations and booking fees are determined by their placement. The first boot’s booking fee and club interest is gonna go down as soon as they are eliminated. Season 15 is airing on a completely different network so it doesn’t make sense for VH1 to change their consistent scheduling of airing a new season at the start of the year because another network in another country picked up a spin-off and chose to air it right before. If anything, Crave should’ve premiered Canada vs the World closer to the finale of Canada 3.
  10. This is cracking me up. I just imagine Farrah in her voice from the Roast, reading this tweet aloud.
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  11. Those jeans... yeah he is straight.
  12. Global All Stars???

    Versus The World said fuck my drag
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  13. Not them renewing Secret Celebrity Drag Race again.
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  14. Why on earth is this the FIFTH network this show (inc All Stars) has been on?
  15. I wish I still I loved Drag Race as I did back in Season 6 because all this news would be far more exciting. I’m looking forward to Global though! I hope Jujubee is on it I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_.
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  16. BTG


    Global All Stars sounds… messy. For visa reasons alone.
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