RuPaul's Drag Race Season 15 + General Discussion

One of my main issues with her season is that she is in the majority of the episodes.
Aside from the runway feeling too fast, I'm absolutely here for the forty-minute episodes. In large part because they did such a good job introducing everyone in the premiere(s). Very good riddance to the "judges' deliberations," overlong workroom discussions and maxi challenge rehearsals/direction, and 95% of mini challenges.
Erm, after the nightmare of one hour plus episodes - this length is good for me but an extra 6 minutes of the runway + the acting challenge bloopers would've help it feel less short.

I love that Marcia is AFRAID of colours for her make up. CYST, yes serve the realness everyday r.e.m. girl make up but not when this is a DRAGGG competition, henny.

This cast is really great. Her runway look was horrendous but I'm kinda upset Poppy left. The bottom two should've been Jax + Aura. Both brought nothing to the challenge and the runways were fine.

I didn't think Amethyst was that bad in the challenge (and her runway look was good) neither was Poppy who wrote that team's script.

I'm surprised they didn't read Loosey for that panties showing thru her runway outfit.
I actually found the runway competent time-wise as usually I skip or am not interested in them unless it's a design challenge. I just wanted the mini challenge (if there was one) and more queens chit chat.
he / him
I've seen so many complaints about the episode feeling rushed but it felt no different to me... also the way they treated Sugar leading her to break down had my heart breaking a bitsy