RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7 (US Pace)

Move for a mega LSFYL in S8 please... RuPaul commented on it yesterday. Little Mix know their audience well.
Re-Watching season 3 and i've come to appreciate and love Mariah so much, She's so shadily funny! I want to see more of her so lets hope for All Stars 2
I'm refusing to read the thread yet because this is the first time I've avoided the winner being spoiled for me, but the Conjoined Queens twist is the first time this season finally does something. Up til now everything has been pretty messy (including most of the eliminations). It'll stay that way if Max or Trixie don't return, that said.

Post Max's elimination I'm really struggling to see a winner, though I'm starting to see why Violet was my dad's favourite. I feel like the obligatory big girl win is coming, though (people are probably laughing right now because Ginger gets eliminated in the next episode or something).

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I remember the first time i listened to Mean Gays, my poor ears almost shut down when she started the high pitched belting towards the end

I feel like she's constantly using her 'musical' voice on her pop tracks. Maybe that's the only way she can sing but it just hurts my ears.
They/them, he/him
Courtney isn't the amazing vocalist she thinks she is. She gets far too shrill for my liking and her vocal runs are grating. A Jessie J darjeeling.
Courtney is terrible. I don't know what's she even saying on Aphrodiasic or whatever that song is called.

The only bearable Drag Queen alum songs for me are 'Es Una Pasiva,' 'Hot Couture' and 'Bettie'

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I just hope Adore's second album isn't awful and that RuPaul has at least one good song on his next album. Those two are the only drag queens who give me any good music.
I'm not a huge fan of Courtney's voice either, but To Russia With Love is very good. It almost sounds like it could've been a Born This Way album track.