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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by matthew., Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Robbie is literally the least interesting looking aesthetic out of the likely cast to me, bizarrely! (I'm really wary of posting Season 8 spoilers here, to be honest...)

    As for Rainbow's playlist, I'd add Pandora Boxx - Nice Car and basically everything Willam has done. Also, Werqing Girl is actually a brilliant song. I heard it mixed with Hold the Line once while out and fucking lost it.

  2. Kim Chi for season 8 plz
  3. Maybe we should create a thread for season 8 already? Not for spoilers and such, just for cast speculation and diet T not concerning eliminations or big events, I reckon some people wouldn't like to read it here.
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  4. I think that might be an idea. I'm avoiding elimination spoilers (reddit worked out the entire elimination order last year, and that's no fun), but I'd kinda like to know more about the cast before they start this year, I've started to appreciate the season 7 since I've looked at them outside of the race.
  5. It looks like so much fun live...
  6. We also need to discuss allstarts more
    I need both Alaska & Leganja, just so we can relive this

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  7. That remains incredible.
  8. So I made my playlist

    1. Adore Delano - Give Me Tonight
    2. Manila Luzon - Hot Couture
    3. Alaska Ft Laganja - Gimme All Your Money
    4. Miss Fame - Rubber Doll
    5. Violet Chachki - Bettie
    6. Adore Delano - I Adore You
    7. Laganja - Legs
    8. Courtney Act - Ecstasy
    9. Adore Delano - Superstar
    10. Miss Fame Ft. Violet - I Run The Runway
    11. Adore Delano Ft. Alaska - I Look Fuckin Cool
    12. Laganja - Jealous Of My Boogie
    13. Willam, Courtney, Alaska - American Apparel Ad Girls
    14. Rupaul - Sissy That Walk
    15. Adore Delano - My Address Is Hollywood
    16. Alaska - Your Makeup Is Terrible
    17. Shangela - Werkin' Girl
  9. Imagine Snatch Game Allstars with Alaska doing Laganja with Laganja in the room doing someone else...
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  10. Doesn't sound very promising, to be honest, though it is scarily possible.
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  11. She's been doing it on Battle of the Seasons (with Jinkx doing Alaska!)...

  12. I don't like queens impersonating other Drag Race queens for Snatch Game in general, and Alaska's uncreative ass has been using Laganja as her material for well over a year now.
  13. Katya was literally everything tonight. I won't spoil her set incase anyone has their date coming up, but oh. my. god. I wouldn't even be able to do it justice with words anyway. The true winner of S7, hands down.
  14. Can anyone kindly point me in the direction of the likely/rumoured queens for s8? I wanna do some instagram research...

    Also, I'm debating seeing Katya in Dublin tonight.
  15. BTG


    I've just started watching season 3 and I feel like Stacy Layne Matthews was shy woman who stumbled onto set and everyone just assumed she was a drag queen.
  16. Menergy in Glasgow? I was there too, loved her. I was the oaf in the check shirt and backward caps saying Paris Is Burning on it if you saw me.
  17. I'm seeing Katya in November. I know how good she is live so i'm now avoiding all youtube clips so i'm not spoilt. I would kill to see that Russian All That Jazz routine she did at the RPDR winner's announcement in Las Vegas.
  18. I saw Pearl in Birmingham last night. She was an absolute star, looked flawless and she even walked through the crowd. We had a bit of a moment where she lip synced right at me (I was at the front) for a good twenty seconds and we both served "come and get it" eyes. My friend was insanely jealous, although when he met her he complimented her on her nudes #ThirstyTramp.
  19. How did Pearl react to that?
  20. She screamed with laughter. My friend remarked that she was very "flazeda" about the whole thing.
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