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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by matthew., Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Has anyone seen Adore on her tour? There's still tickets for Glasgow on Saturday so I'm tempted but I'm not really a fan of her album.
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  2. I saw posters for it..I imagine it'd be fun, but yeah. I wasn't blown away by anything on the album. It was alright.
  3. She'll show up in a t-shirt and a bad wig and perform the hell out of her songs. Might make out with one or two attendants onstage also. I suppose you can go, get drunk and enjoy the night if it's cheap.
  4. I'm really over Adore now. Her album grew stale very quickly- although DTF remains THAT bop- and her aesthetic is hideous. She looked abysmal on Hey Kween a few weeks ago.
  5. for £40 I expect Adore to give me the show of my life.. I paid £35 for Ariana! She's overcharging which is why it hasn't sold out!
  6. I'm seeing her tonight in my hometown Darlington.. I find it so odd we're now getting Drag Race acts coming here considering we're a small town (Population: 120,000+) and SHADE in Newcastle is the place where Drag Race acts go in the North East..

    Anyway I've got a Meet and Greet ticket too, so can't bloody wait! I hope she wears her Jet Set Eleganza look tonight, it's my favourite look on her!
  7. Have we any idea when UK Netflix or Tru TV will air season 7? I want to give it a second chance by binge watching it stress free.
  8. AS1 is on at present, Series 5 starts in two weeks time (they show 2 episodes per week).

    After Series 4 they took a break and showed Drag Queens Of London for 4 or 5 weeks instead.

    Basically, I think that they intend to catch up by 2016 so that Series 8 can be shown at the same time as the USA.

    At least that's my dream...
  9. Season 7's Untucked are now available on YouTube in England, watching now
  10. It's mostly boring. Ginger is also even worse than on the main show, so one or two episodes will verge on insufferable.
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