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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. It may seem soon, but filming is done and dusted, and our top 3/4/7 has already been determined (please, no spoilers).

    Basically I wanted to start a thread to talk about the potential queens and maybe a bit of background as to what they're like. Usual rules apply of course, thread runs at US screening pace, and not KatProxy pace. I wanna know what they can do, not what they've done on the show, basically. Anyone to keep an eye out for?

    With just ten episodes this season, our queens' Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent will need to be tighter than ever...
  2. Ten episodes?! Good god.

    Rooting for Kim Chi, teebs.
  3. Thank god for the shorter season.
  4. 10 episodes? Is that including the recap and finale?
  5. Uno


    Less episodes = Less queens? Probably for the better; we'll have more meat on the season -- last one was just so frustrating and underwhelming how awful the general cast was (mostly due to the challenges, not the girls, but...).
  6. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I would hope not!
  7. Less episodes might be a good thing after the weak season 7. Hopefully the challenges are better this time round.
  8. I have a feeling that 10 doesn't include the ruwind and ruveal. The rumours been 10 episodes in order to accommodate All Stars since it was announced, and also Sharon said there would be 12 Queens ages ago, which would work with 10 regular episodes.
  9. 10 episodes is a good thing, though... (But you're right, they better not include the recap and the finale!)

    I have absolutely no idea who's on.
  10. Kim Chi, Bob the Drag Queen, Derrick Berry, Robbie Turner, Thorgy Thor, Naomi Smalls, and Acid Betty are the heavy favorites to be on this season.
  11. I will get my life for Kim Chi & Bob the drag queen
    I'd like to see what Skim can offer, she looks a bit more of an allrounder than milk was.
  12. Amazing news, will it air next year?

    Does anyone know if Vicky Vox has ever applied before? Is Drag Race just not her thing.. I feel like she would easily get to the final
  13. If I remember right she applied for seasons 3 and 4, she wasn't even shortlisted for either season, it would appear that Vicky Vox just isn't the sort of queen that the producers are interested in.
  14. I heard Willam helped out with her application for season 6, but it was rejected because it looked too professional. She's probably not gonna bother again at this point.
  15. Kim Chi can paint for the Gods and always seems to deliver unique, interesting looks. Definitely here for her.

    No Skim Burley, please. I don't think she's ready yet.
  16. Skim has pretty much been debunked at this point.

    And as much as I'd like to see Vicky on, I think she's said too many negative things about Drag Race by now (and has too big a chip on her shoulder about it) to even be considered. It's unfortunate, because it could be a really great stepping stone for her and I think she'd do very well.
  17. I've never found Vicky Vox to be that impressive. Soooo here for Bob the Drag Queen though.
  18. Vicky's already said some bad things about the show, which makes her less likely to apply in the future. Shame, really, as I too could see her doing very well on the show.

    I hope the 10 episodes don't include the useless recap and the reunion/coronation thingy. It would leave us with only 8 competing episodes, on par with season 1, if I recall correctly.

    Apparently, we'll have 12 queens next year and the speculated cast seems very strong. Some heavy fan favorites were probably added, like Kim Chi and Bob, and, unlike season 7, casting seems to have focused on more stablished queens, not a lot of unknowns and newbies this time. Considering this, the firing of some producers and the fact that everyone involved with the show clearly keep an eye on social media, I think we're in for a great season. The show is too important for Wow/Logo for them to risk having another weak and rigged season like this last one.
  19. I hope there will be no non-elimination, no bringing back of eliminated queens, no Final Four music video (hope it's a Top 3 again) - all things that slowed previous two seasons down.
    Ten Episodes means there can be more money spent on the episodes left and ever since all their sponsors jumped ship, money has been tight. Going back to the basics might rejuvenate the franchise. Season 7 felt so budget...
  20. I'd love to see Porcelain, Fade-Dra Phey, Squeaky Blonde, Alisson Gothz and Jer Ber Jones (Alaksa's drag mother, I think) on a season... Just give me season of tranimals and goth-drag. It'll probably never happen but a boy can dream.
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