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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. So two of the early fan favorites have just returned to social media. If this means they're both in the top three, I am officially beyond excited for this season.
  2. So why exactly did the sponsors jump ship?
  3. I kind of need Nebraska to compete on the show, she seems to have really embraced drag since her appearance on season 5.
  4. Has Season 8 already been filmed or did I read into that wrong?
  5. They're pretty much done filming now, I think. Now we wait.
  6. Yeah it's done! all of the rumored queens have returned to social media too!
  7. I didn't realise it was filmed so far in advance.

    Do we know who the judges are? I hope Carson has got the boot.
  8. I'm starting to think she'd be pretty likely for Season 9, she'd have perfect storylines for the show. Product of the show, her drag mother winning All Stars 2 and being one of the boyfriends of a Season 8 contestant. Plus she seems to have developed a pretty good look, and LeShawn already proved you don't actually have to be a drag queen to get on.
  9. "Nebraska" isn't actually a drag queen. He only gets into drag every now and then if someone else does his makeup/chooses his wardrobe, I'd lose any thought of him ever being on drag race!
  10. Never forget when Nebraska, first time in drag, outshone Alaska.
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  11. I want them to bring back Santino, but I also want him to not have legs. If both of these things happen Season 8 will be great in my book.
  12. Yeah I missed Santino last season.
  13. Santino and Violet giving each other those thirsty looks was one of the most awkwardly hilarious moments of the season.

    And, either Mac knows something or he would genuinely be down for bringing Nebraska back to life.
  14. Neither was LeShauwn, that's my point!
  15. I see where you're coming from but LeShauwn was actually involved in drag, She did shows if her makeup was gone for her but she made all of her costumes, Nebraska doesn't even do shows/do makeup/make costumes.
  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm about 98% sure of one queen on the show.

    Kim Chi
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  17. Yes gawd. Can't wait to see her turn it out. I'm also beyond hyped for
    Bob The Drag Queen.
    I know you don't care for Alaska (to put it mildly), but really?
  18. Even the judges agreed, and we know they had a hard on for virtually any shit she did.
  19. Anyone know where I can watch the latest season online? I've been waiting an age for Netflix and it's still not there.
  20. Anymore rumours on season 8's queens?
    I've fallen in some serious love with Porcelain.

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