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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Coco is the one 95% sure
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  2. I would like a All Winners season, with all the winners (all stars included) and see who actually could win the whole thing
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  3. I would like a season with the queens who were sent packing early, because I honestly think it would be interesting to see if they developed or not. It would be like a series of new queens, because we didn't get to see much of what they could do, if anything at all. Porkchop lipsyncing again Magnolia Crawford would be a scream, or Sasha Hell vs Venus D'Lite in the work room anyone?
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  4. Rmx


    I would hate that because it diminishes all the winners. They're all regal. That's why I didn't like the rumour a couple of years ago that a winner would be in All Stars 1. If they didn't win then their previous win would seem void.
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  6. I loved when she READ Alexis in All Stars You’re always the first to throw shade – you should be the first to go hide under it.
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  7. Wait why do people want Laganja back?
  8. Laganja has grown so much from the show. She is serving nowadays and she's calmed down a lot. Would have been amazing in All Stars but I don't think reality TV and its pressures are for her.
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  9. I hope the tea I accidentally saw about the whole elimination order isn't right.
  10. LaGanja was unintentionally hilarious. Just like her drag mother Alyssa. Human car crashes -- you couldn't take your eyes away.
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  11. Not sure how to feel about the cast. The inclusion of Coco and Tatianna is great but I feel like everyone else is already extremely famous / well-established within the current drag scene. Like, what do queens like Katya or Alaska or Alyssa have to prove at this point? Those slots feel a bit squandered when we could have gotten Laganja, Gia, Darienne, Delta, Sasha...really just so many others.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Be honest here. Would you literally want to see Darienne Lake or Sasha Belle back on Drag Race. FUCK NO.
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  13. Well she's still standing up for her other queens:
  14. Her popularity has grown but returning would undo all that progress and remind people why she was so unpopular in the first place. This is a good move for her.
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  15. After tonight I can confirm that Ginger is so much better live than on the show.

    She really is an amazing performer.

    Actually excited to see if she comes across better on All Stars.
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  16. She always was an amazing performer, possibly one of the best ever on Drag Race. Sewing and design, however, are not her forte. Throw her an acting or comedy challenge and she'll be fabulous.
  17. Oh My God.
  18. Watch Roxxxy Andrews get a redemption storyline.

    I know I should be excited about Detox being on the show but since Season 5 she's done very little for me.
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  19. This line up just screams "who's got a good working relationship with WoW" doesn't it? Not that I'm asking to see the return of the likes of Shasha Belle or Kenya, but still.

    I'd love to see Kelly Mantle come back. Her Hey Qween was great, but it doesn't sound like she's on the best of terms with the producers.

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