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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. Mariah was part of Drag U (that was a rough spot) and has been paid dust ever since yet she is hilarious and absolutely gorgeous.
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  2. Roxxxy was AMAZING and I can see her blitzing it. Adore is fucked but I'm just excited to see her on television again.
  3. I'd be here for a Roxxxy redemption arc but her look in the promo shoot is fucking hideous.

    In other news: YAAAAAAAAAASS KATYA!!!
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  4. I don't like the fact that Coco is wearing a full length dress but has tights on with open-toed shoes in her picture. It's really bugging me.
  5. Detox looks like a fucking winner on that promo shot. I hope she brings her A-Game to this.

    I also hope the rumors about one of the girls walking out 'cause of the producer fuckery are true, because that shit is rigged from the get-go, just like AS1 was.
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  6. She looks amazing. Alyssa second best.
  7. So Adore goes in Episode Two, by all accounts, due to bullying from the Season 5 girls. Phi Phi and Ginger make it to the middle. Tati goes early but returns and does really well. There is NO LIPSYNC FOR YOUR LIFE, instead there's something else where the queens have the power to eliminate someone in the bottom two. The final three may be Detox, Alaska, and Katya. Is this all the same stuff everyone else has read online?
  8. People seem to have an inflated sense of Detox's abilities, not least Detox herself.
  9. One thing I felt about Detox in season 5 was, even if her challenge abilities peaked at impersonating a chicken, she did have a real sense of star quality about her, maybe moreso than even Alaska and Jinkx did (though I much preferred their work and personalities). I'm not even sure if I'd call it charisma, just a really commanding presence.

    Cast-wise, there's WAY too many season 5ers obviously, although I assume some will go early to offset that. The dearth of S6 is equally bizarre. Kind of devastating to learn Laganja pulled out but she'd probably have been fodder so oh well. I could give or take half the cast, to be honest, but it'll probably make for a decent mix nonetheless.
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  10. Detox has an edge to her. She also has her own aesthetic, and can really serve some looks. Which are the top two things I need to stan a queen.

    Was she the best during S5? Nope. Is she gonna win AS2? Probably not. But I still love her.
  11. I'm so looking forward to Tati ripping the guts out of everyone in her confessionals.
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    Here for another iconic mess from Alyssa
  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm reading the potential spoilers, but I'm taking them all with a grain of salt. We've NEVER known this much about a season before it airs.
  14. The only strange thing is that to me season 6 is probably the one with the stronger cast of all seasons, so to see only Adore is kind of disappointing.
  15. Season 6 was basically an allstars season by itself.
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  16. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I guess in the likely event that they produce a third All Stars series down the line, they'll have loads of Season 6 girls to pick from to pack the cast with. That's the thing about the first one, they kind of shot themselves in the foot by putting pretty much the best of the best of the first four seasons in there - that's up for debate, and I don't mean that I think every girl there was amazing, but it was definitely all killer no filler - even Pandora and Mimi.
  17. Katya wore the lamp shade dress from her promo pic last night too. It looks fucking great in person.
  18. All I want is for Alyssa to send Coco home.
  19. How on earth could we possibly know this much before hand? Did on of the early cuts get mouthy?
  20. No, Alaska's ex pretty much spilled all the information I think.
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