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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. I'm still stressed and pressed about this. So unfair.
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  2. "WOOOO! Shut up!"
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  3. Has anyone watched Kennedy's Look At Huh? It's fucking amazing. Almost makes me wish she could get on All-Stars with some producers that don't hate her.
  4. I cackled at this part:

    Johnny: Look at Huh!
    *Picture of Ru appears*
    Kennedy: RuPaul... Y'all have another one?

    Really though, she did come off a lot more likeable on Hey Qween.
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  5. Are people surprised that Kennedy, Ginger, Acid Betty, and a load of other bitchy queens come across better when they aren't in the competition? Even Thorgy Thor seems a lot nicer. I'm surprised that a lot of the other queens don't crack up with the stress of being away from their families, trapped in a motel with McDonald's food as their only meal.
  6. My favourite was when they were going for a heartfelt speech about Sahara and instead they got "my sister... had a big cock".
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  7. This made me gag! No pun intended lol[​IMG]
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  8. Tati coming for Carly's meme queen title.

    I mean...not really. But I support anything Tati does.
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  10. ^Love it! Can't wait for her to win the RPDR rate.
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  11. Thank you!
  12. I'm happy with Alaska, Adore, Alyssa & Katya all appearing queen - hope they all make it far but Katya is the main one I am stanning for here. She is just everything I look for in a drag queen - pretty yet weird, funny yet dark, in five layers of make up and eight inch heels and somehow I can still relate. I'm rooting for her to win before I've even seen anything. Although I'm not Tatianna's or Phi Phi's biggest fan by a long stretch, I am interested in seeing whether their drag has developed. Well it must have, especially for Tatianna.

    I do think the casting is a bit all over the place however, my ideal run of queens would of been:
    01. Tatianna (season two)
    02. Shangela (season two and three) the original all star
    03. Phi Phi O'Hara (season four)
    04. William (season four)
    05. Alaska (season five)
    06. Alyssa Edwards (season five)
    07. Detox (season five)
    08. Adore Delano (season six)
    09. Kelly Mantle (season six)
    10. Trinity K Bonet (Season six)
    11. Miss Fame (season seven)
    12. Katya (season seven)

    The addition of Shangela, WIlliam along with the AS2 queens Alyssa, Katya, Adore & Alaska would have provided countless laughable moments without any of that dreadful ROLAXATOF (or whatever the fuck it is) drama or Alyssa vs. CoCo too. I think that's a major error, season five's major fault was the constant pettiness. Trinity, Fame & Shangela have came on in leaps and bounds since their seasons so I would love for the audiences to recognize that. As for Kelly Mantle... well someone needs to go home in week one.
  13. Please get her name right, and also, I never got this line, can you explain it to me please?
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  15. 'Liza with a Z' is a far catchier signature line than 'Minnelli with two N's and two L's' to be fair.

    And the 'joke' is just him saying 'Lies, Liza/Lies a Minnelli, lies'.
    A camp homophone pun tea.
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  16. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Sour and sweet, eh.
  17. Shangela is great but no one* deserves three chances at the title.

    *Except Raven because she was robbed.
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  18. I might need to watch All Stars again because I don't recall her being robbed at all on season 2, Tyra slayed her hard in that final lip sync...
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  19. One n though.
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