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RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by citoig, Aug 11, 2015.

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    I'm sure that if Ru were to have full creative power, they'd tell her "you can have one non-elimination/ one double-elimination this season" and Ru decides when it happens, rather than Ru just suddenly coming out of left field with saving both Alyssa and Roxxxy or eliminating both Jade and Mahogany. They wouldn't allow it to be an off the cuff decision that only Ru decided upon, with episode constraints and all.
  2. He probably sits there in the writing room when they decide the twists and is the one suggesting to fuck with them and ruin two of their lives by doing such twists. The guys at WOW are his life-long friends. He's a creative force by virtue of that factor.
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  3. World of Wonder HQ is apparently in turmoil right now cause Alaska's ex-boyfriend (who is claiming he was cheated on and Alaska has relapsed with her alcoholism... TMI) took to instagram to leak details about All Stars 2. What they "confirmed" below (nearly the entire elimination order, a big fight, the Top 3 and the season's twist, so... uh... psa spoilers):

    The twist: TOP two lip sync. The winner gets to eliminate any girl from the cast.

    Elimination order:
    Coco is first out.
    Alyssa is one of the first three out.
    Adore fights with the S5 girls and leaves the show, feeling bullied.
    Tatianna is "fourth" out (third eliminated).
    Roxxxy got fourth place.
    Alaska, Detox and Katya are Top three.

    Kelly Mantle isn't in the cast. They oddly never mentioned Ginger either.

    Alaska won the most challenges during the season.

    If its too tempting, just let me know and I'll remove. If you want to see and converse via PMs, just check the RPDR subreddit.
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    Sue Alaska and the boyfriend, WoW. Get them coins.
  5. Apparently all the queens casted on AS2 have been told to stay off social media until further notice while WOW "deals with this" so yikes for Alaska.
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  6. YAAASSSSS, here for another ANTM All Stars mess. Disqualify the winner, Wow!
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  7. The twist is stupid, but I guess it means people will blame the queens for who goes home instead of Ru/the producers trying to push a storyline.

    Mess at Adore storming out, and mess at Rolaskatox vs. comedy queen round 2 in the top 4.

    If they kick Alaska out then a Detox/Katya top 2 is a strange one, but if they're at 100% I won't complain.
  8. The spoilers make it look like the season will be shit.
  9. Obviously they'll do what they can to ensure Alaska is the winner. They won't do anything other than eliminate anyone who stands in the way of their chosen queen. And I was gasping for Katya to win! The stuff about Adore is very interesting. Ginger not being mentioned means she isn't one of the bullies, thank goodness. She is too talented to be tarred with the same bully brush as Boxxxy Mandrews.

    BUT WAIT. This could mean Alaska is in serious shit with WoW because this likely violates a contract?
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  10. Wow what a messy situation.
  11. It astounds me how quickly things happen in the Drag world... Is something going on with Alaska right now, her IG seems to be alight with fans frantic with worry?
  12. I'm sure she can count on Sharon to stand up for her.
  13. The ex-boyfriend running his mouth means Alaska violated her non disclosure agreement. She should get disqualified, but we'll see. As the crowning is live, maybe they'll just crown someone else.
  14. From what Trixie said when she ran her mouth off during last season (around the time they brought them all back), her partner was aware of what happened during the series. Surely the producers can't expect the queens to keep their next of kin totally in the dark?

    Although if the ex has gone and spilled the tea, I expect that the eviseration will be bloody and without mercy.
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    I hope she gets punished and this isn't just ignored.
  16. The All Stars crownings are all pre-recorded, just like AS1. The guy also confirmed that each Top 3 queen filmed a crowning. I don't think there's a live reunion / crowning planned.
  17. I don't even want to look at the spoilers for the top 3 bc I know I'll hate them all.
  18. I meant the reveal is "live", as the queens don't know who wins till it airs. They can easily go from plan A to plan B without problems (like a lot of us think they did with Ginger/Violet in season 7).
  19. They should just cancel All Stars 2, and refilm it after Season 8 when they inevitably force us to route a plus size queen so they win despite being subpar. That way we have a whole new batch of queens who could've won that can join All Stars 2!
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