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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Okay, so Benet is still accurate and Tracy is a running joke, but I’m still cackling, gals.

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    I caaaAaAAAnT

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  3. I bet Kennedy is thrilled that she's a me me.
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  4. Pandora's face immediately after Chad's "the old Mimi" confessional is EVERYTHING.
  5. I can't not read "Sangela" in Alexis' voice. It doesn't help that I was literally watching Season 3 Untucked for the 500th time today.
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  6. David Lynch whomst????

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  7. tRAaaaAaaAaAAaaadE

    And Ginger deadass sounding like Leslie Jordan, I can't
  8. These videos are making my like Drag Race more than I already do, fuck.
  9. Okay, I fucking LIVE for Yuhua.

  10. Yuhua seems like a fun gal but I don't know if I can take a whole season full of her low effort "jokes" that just reek of self hatred.
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  11. She strikes me as 2nd or 3rd our so you won’t have to deal with her for long.

    Karbdashian seems like an early boot to me. She lacks nerve in her Meet The Queens video.
  12. I will be very surprised if Karbdashian isn’t the first to go.

    She comes across as a young kid that likes to dress up in pretty clothes but the asthetic and drag character don’t seem there yet or even formed at all.

    Could be completely wrong however from the little we have seen she seems out of her depth against the other season 10 Queens.
  13. Why is "Girl why you squirpin' like a chirpin' like the bird" the best line in drag race herstory?
  14. I wonder if there's going to be a challenge winner after they perform this routine? I love Kitty Girls and from that brief snippit and the bigger production values i'm really looking forward to this number. I hope Kennedy smashes it out the park and whatever happens leaves on a high. Her talent throughout the competition has been poorly communicated in the show with stupid bottom three choices.

    She was top 3 episode 1
    Milk should have joined Thorgy in bottom 2.
    Best performance of the season in ep 3
    Safe in the snatch game.
    Studio shit show was just a mess of an episode judging wise. She looked beautiful.
    She had one of my favourite parts on Drag Up Your Life but they all did great.
    Bottom was Bebe and Morgan, she shouldnt have been added.

    I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with this show and Ru arbitarilly trying to convince us of the winners and losers of challenges all with the editing of either laughter behind what someone says or silence and a shady rattlesnake. I imagine this will continue into season 10 unfortunately.
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  15. I had a dream last night that Ru gave 3 of them the crown for All Stars 3. This is a problem because:

    1.) I'm dreaming about RuPaul's Drag Race.
    2.) This better not be some prophetic shit.
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  16. I’m shook that Yuhua actually replied one of DMs in response to her story asking for a new laptop from her fans.

    D E A D N S H O O K
  17. This is a whole new level of extra sis!
  18. Uno


    She does a show every Thursday in NYC called "The Help" with my favorite drag queen Pixie Aventura - this is similar to the looks that she wears during that show, so it's very on brand for her.
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  19. It is pretty much inevitable that Miz Cracker will get her own show at WOW Presents. Really great review this week.

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