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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Just seen Kalorie's instagram butt pic.

    Fuck my pussy with a rake!

    I'm so ready for Shania! Instead of one song, can we have a Shania Medley they have to lipsync to instead
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  2. That reminds me, did anyone hear about what happened to Robbie this weekend?

  3. RJF


    Monique second last to the bottom...
  4. That graph is embarrassing. What a wreck.
  5. And with barely more followers than freaking KALORIE. Cancel humanity.
  6. Uno


    I only follow Monet and Monique on Instagram.

    I did follow Vanessa but she got annoying with those memes so I unfollowed.
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  7. The general public continue to be a mess.
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  8. Robbies mug and fashions were a mess but he stunted on the girls with his roller blades and slayed Les Chicken Wings. Put some respeck on ha name.
  9. Wait, an objective opinion, on MY PopJustice? In the Drag Race thread of all places. I am shook!
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  10. It's worth noting that Monique didn't start using social media frequently until after she filmed S10 so although she's still nowhere near as high as she could be, she's gained a lot since the season started.
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  11. Charlie is trash. Trying to police a black queen’s behaviour and saying they’re too aggressive all the while you did blackface and perpetuated stereotypes? Fuck off.
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  12. I like Robbie. He always looked terrible but he made good television, and for that reason I couldn't possibly completely cancel him or the likes of Derrick Barry and Charlie "Eureka Shut Up" Hides. They made good television and contributed to the season storyline, even if they didn't contribute much else. For me, the worst Drag Queen on the show has to be someone too boring to matter, someone like April Carrion or Penny Tration, good strong queens who failed to provide very little in the way of exciting television. At least the likes of Venus D'Lite and April Carrion provided some good moments, even if they faded away as soon as the episode changed. Mystique, possibly the least talented or prepared queen on the show, gave us a classic Untucked battle at least.
  13. So what’s the T? Is she good or not?
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  14. It's a tough one, which is why she inhabits a limbo in my opinion. She gave good runway, really strong looks that I still remember - but nothing else made the slightest bit of impact. No-one ever brings her name up for All Stars either. She just vanished, a bit like Max or LaShawn Beyond. I'm not sure where I'd place her in the pantheon of Drag Race.
  15. Kennedy deserves the world. So happy for ha
  16. I'm still irritated that the producers forced a Eureka "moment" on us by adding a dramatic "swoosh" noise when she bravely spread her arms out while also walking.
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  17. Vivenne Pinay, Rebecca Glasscock & Milan are the most garbage queens we've seen and thats that oan that.
  18. Milan's lipsyncs were brilliant though she doesn't really get any credit for them. Rebecca was the perfect bitch to antagonise Shannel everyone on Season One. Vivienne....yes, I agree.
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  19. Kimora is one of the all-time worst, too.
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  20. YES. Did she give us a funny moment or two? I honestly can't remember.
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