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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. She took care of Cynthia was she was ill. I think Acid Betty is probably a bit more complex than she comes across.
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  2. Who wants to guess what Eureka's trauma will be next episode?
  3. Gurl didn’t you hear about her mental breakdown during an episode of Westworld.
  4. She can’t use a compass and got lost for 3/8ths of an hour and this parody being of Westworld reminded her of being lost that day. Not just that but how lost she felt after leaving Season 9 and how lost she feels all of Season 10.
  5. White person in self-victimization when possibility of not being successful becomes apparent SHOCKER.
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  6. Can't wait for Ru to dry-wheeze at Eureka's HILARIOUS improv lines:
    "I'm da fat robot lol"
    "It's all dis food I'm EATIN' gurl lol"
    "Big femmebots gotta stick TOGETHER."
  7. I'm totally #TeamAquafina in this 'conflict' but this editing moment was delicious

  8. "Robot Lives Matter."
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  9. Girls, there's a million ways to come for Eureka that doesn't need to reduce any of her unconfirmed traumas.
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  10. I'm not saying she's fake whatsoever, I do believe she must be quite fun to hang with just by seeing her IG stories and whatnot.

    But the whole over-explanation of her looks, her feelings, where she was coming from, her current relationship with the other queens... it all screams JKRowling's Of course there were gays/jews/antifa in Hogwarts! where she's trying to be in everybody's good books.

    Anyway, now that Grindr made Israel win, they are onto their next project!

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  11. These Eureka lynchings lately

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  12. I'd followed Aquaria for a long time before S10, and I always got a really bitchy / 'enough confidence to fill the entire room' vibe and to see she's a somewhat introverted weird goofball has been such a wonderful humanizing twist
  13. "Ohhh GURL this candy bar has NUTS and a CREAM FILLING, ooooh girl it's gonna make me CREAM my FILLIN' GURL."


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  14. The worst thing I read lately has been the fact Eureka has 'staff'.
  15. Not just staff, but staff that didn't recognize Asia. What kind of out of the loop hetties was she employing at DragCon?

    A literal


  16. The ‘Like I ate her!’ comment from her was so cringe-worthy because she obviously didn’t know who Peppermint from AHS was and didn’t catch the reference.
  17. 'Fess up, which of you lot did this?

  18. Bianca being so messy on Instagram gives me so much life.

  19. Uno


    I've been waiting for Abbi & Ilana to guest judge since before the season began - I'm so excited!
  20. Aquaria gave me Valentina teas early on (and that's not a compliment from me in terms of personality) but she's learned to play to her strengths and isn't at all as annoying in the actual show, although her confessionals can be a bit too put-on for me. It's fine, she's very talented and plays the game well so I wouldn't mind her winning at all, but it is really is Team Anyone but Eureka for me at this point.

    I am dying for the reunion though. I also was rewatching the S9 one after you guys talking about it in here and whew.
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