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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. Hopefully Eureka falls into the bottom again before the end. No one who's been bottom two twice has won a regular season.
  2. Same.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Please. I don’t want her coming back for season 11.
  5. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Miss Vanjie surely has to be back for Season 11 though, right?
  6. Can they just ax every future pit crew segment.
  7. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I would so love her to come back but the fact that she is still such a huge meme that she's practically eclipsed all of the other Queens who've been eliminated after her, I'd hate for her to buckle under the pressure.
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  8. The unfortunate part of your prediction is that (as of now) Aquaria genuinely does deserve to win the crown, but if she's shit in the Lipsync Battle then I'm okay with someone else winning. You can't get complacent towards the end. Aquaria will know that more than anyone. She's very smart. Asia is a personality packed queen but her lipsync wasn't great and she was in the bottom, which puts her at a disadvantage because so far Aquaria hasn't been in the Bottom Two. Eureka is a talented powerhouse performer, but again she was in the Bottom Two. Cracker has been strong if slightly background throughout the contest, but she's never been in the Bottom Two. Her chance to strike big was Snatch Game and she was safe, unfortunately. A good all-rounder. Kameron is a bit quiet and I can't see her winning unless there's a Lipsync Battle, in which case they're all fucked.

    So basically, give it to Aquaria.
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  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I don’t think she would because if she was cast she’d be coming into it with an edge and more confidence; and the producers would know to shield her for at least a few episodes if she really wasn’t performing well so they can get more mileage out of her personality - but I reckon she can emulate Shangela’s season 3 run and make it to around the halfway point or beyond. Fingers crossed!
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  10. The lip sync assassin in waiting, teebs.

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  11. Can we discuss why Michelle changed her laugh in Season 9 from a cackle to a light chuckle.
  12. Y'know I wouldn't be at all mad if All Stars 4 just featured the entire cast of season 10 again, minus the winner and Eureka.
  13. Half of me wants AS4 to be absolutely fucking stacked, as AS2 was so good that if they're putting them out every 18 months or so now, I'd accept every odd season as being mediocre.

    The other half of me wants them to spread out my faves evenly, as I can genuinely think of at least five queens off the top of my head that I'd want crowned, and I'd hate to see most of them battling it out on the same season.
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  14. Aquaria will win if it’s a lip sync battle for the finale.
  15. I'm here for an Aquaria win now.
  16. That’s not even necessary given her wig line recently. Just stick it to the wall behind her.
  17. Judging by how high and active the spoiler thread is. I’m expecting a shock front runner/fan favourite exit this week.
  18. I'm a little surprised so many people are on board for an eventual Aquaria's win. Last year, when the harmless but visually gifted well-off white queen from New York won, crops were burned, villages were pillaged and bouts of the plague exploded through America. People were demanding Sasha Velour's father release his tax returns. "WE WILL BOYCOTT THE SHOW," they said, "BECAUSE ITS ONLY LAW IS PRIVILEGE!"

    I mean, Aquaria's dedication to the art form is remarkable, her inability to land jokes\shade\sarcasm successfully is kind of cute and she owns great gowns beautiful gowns but it's the Asia O'Haras with Ikea lamp headpieces and the Moniques whipping out outfits 30 minutes before the runway that warm my little drag heart. No T no shade but if I wanted to see gorgeous skinny girls in designer clothes or faithful replicas of designer clothes, I'd stick to the FF Channel on YouTube and spare myself 20 minutes of badly scripted comedy.

    To quote great 19th-century Russian mystic Katya, when have drag queens ever been rich, gracious and tasteful?

    That is if Eureka doesn't end up anywhere near the finale. If she does, long live the little white queen.
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  19. Well Monet is not going to make it to top four I don't think, leaving Asia as being the only queen of color, and from what she has displayed on the show, she doesn't deserve the crown.
  20. RJF


    I mean sis, after last year's traumatic result, I think we're all pretty much just looking to minimise our crushing disappointment. I don't particularly want Aquaria to win, but as it stands she's the only one with the power to see Eureka off the premises, and since the judges would rather have their fingernails pulled out than give my Season 10 fave a compliment, I'm taking what I can get at the moment. A winner I'm indifferent to is better than a winner I flat out despise.
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