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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. I dont really think the comparison between Sasha and Aquaria makes that much sense (atleast to me). Sasha was just cringe-worthy and very mediocre....while constantly yelling "art" and then serving the most basic interpretations/cliché looks/lines,etc.

    I think comparing Violet and Aquaria would make much more sense...
  2. It makes absolutely no sense.
  3. Also tell me a single time Sasha mopped the runway, because Aquaria brings it to you every single time.
  4. Sasha was the best and you're all still



    Anyway, have you read about Katya's DEB Talk?

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  5. RJF


    To be honest, at least Violet had the storyline of the other girls thinking she was a cunt and how she wrestled with that and how she very slowly won her season's cast over. Aquaria got called out for being a cunt (the reasons for which we didn't even really get to see) and... essentially vanished from this season until popping back up to win Snatch Game before... kind of vanishing again in the last episode.

    But then, I would honestly say the closest this season has come to being outright ruined is how basically every queen has been put on the backburner for Eureka's seventeen pointless storylines, and when things with The Vixen properly kicked off no one else stood a chance. She has engulfed this season. The challenges have been great, the cast has probably been the strongest ever, but the storybuilding has been sloppy, uneven, and worst of all: not compelling in the slightest. I've found so many components of this season so, so good, but as a unit I think it's become such a draining watch.
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  6. This logic is shaky because the objective argument against Sasha's crown was her record of two-joint wins against Shea's four total wins. Aquaria is currently tied with Eureka at two individual wins apiece, and her wins are probably the two most decisive and least controversial so far. Coupled with Eureka being shit, it's not surprising the girls are ringing in the Age of Aquaria.

    At this point anyway. We still have some season to go.
  7. Sasha is awful and I can't wait for the finale so I never have to see her again. I can picture her now in some dumbass outfit walking out on stage with her weird arm movements, convinced she has us all gagged.
  8. I don’t even want to watch the finale because my friends are all Sasha stans and don’t understand the difference between her and a good drag queen.
  9. Sasha winning was the nadir of the show but they somehow stooped even lower when they handed Trixie the prize over Shangela. I can't wait for them to plumb new depths of disappointment this season with, like, a Eureka vs. Kameron finale.

    Speaking of which - I'm so completely done with Kameron and her determination to be as fucking boring and lifeless as possible. I hate when her being quiet is used as an excuse. Quiet introverts are often interesting and engaging. She's just fucking boring. Working out is NOT a personality.
  10. I agree that Aquaria and Violet is probably the easiest comparasion to make.

    I do however prefer Aquaria I mean both deliver gag worthy looks consistently but I find Aquaria’s personality to be coming across as more endearing than Violets did in her season. Plus as seen in Snatch Game I think there is a hidden comedian and actress within Aquaria that will blossom with confidence and maturity.

    Both Aquaria and Violet wipe the floor with Sasha. There is no comparison.
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  11. Can’t we just crown a winner based on their C.U.N.T. and not race or wig colour?
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  12. The Violet/Aquaria comparisons do indeed make the most sense BUT remember RU used to like having a fair bit of diversity in the winner line-up (not sure this is still true in VH1 times but who knows) - this could work against Aquaria!

    Also, not enough love for our Large & In Charge Queen for ages so bask in the Latrice!!

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  13. Oh, but I wasn't comparing their artistry or overall performance on the show! I was just implying their profiles as winners would overlap somehow: New York white queens with a heavy focus on aesthetics, important links to the art\fashion world and lots of resources. I was generalizing of course, but only to make a general point, which is why there is so much space left now for objections.

    As for the Violet comparison, beside the fact Violet just oozes charisma, I find she managed her fashion in a wiser way. A problem I have with Aquaria is how referential her runway choices are. You can glance at her looks and get immediately where she got them from—which fashion week, which season, which show, which Gaga moment. It's synthetic to the point that it becomes almost impersonal, although there is no denying she is a fantastic editor and buyer. Violet, on the other hand, knows how to keep her inspirations within the borders of her own vision, a more skilled fashion jockey, paying homage but silently. And she's a better seamstress too, one that couldn't count on the extensive circle of designers and artists Aquaria is in and didn't even need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end pieces to make you gag.
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  14. I yelped!

    Girls I really think Eureka's gonna win and after S*sha and Tr*xie, I don't know if I can take anymore. I've already started jumping ship to Drag Race Thailand (which is iconic by the way).
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  15. I forgot Dusty and Kalorie existed Dddd.
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  16. Season 7 is still a slog to sit through. The entire season was acting / comedy / musical challenges for Ginger to lose... and yet they made her appear so unlikeable when they could've edited it all out.

    I think Violet winning would've felt like a more satisfactory conclusion for people if the whole season hadn't felt like a setup for someone else.

    I've never gotten that vibe from any other season
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  18. I wouldn't mind of Eureka wins, it would be deserved.

    I don't get all this seething hate for her, it's just drag!
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  19. A bit late cause Katelyn was busy counting coins after DragCon, but it's here:

  20. Aquaria has deservedly won two challenges off her own talents, not by riding the coattails of a more talented queen of colour so no, Aquaria is not like Sasha in any way. Violet is indeed a more accurate comparison to a past winner, although I'd say I prefer Aquaria at this point as her growth from being the cocky and snobby Instagram queen on the premiere to being knocked off her high horse by Vixen a couple episodes later, which in a result humbled her and allowed us to see her as the more relatable and endearing superfan of the show awkwardly trying to throw in Drag Race quotes whenever she can, while also proving to actually be a well rounded performer and serve some jaw dropping looks, has been great to see.
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