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RuPaul's Drag Race: Season Tenny

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 22, 2015.

  1. ddd not Trixie getting an article on Playboy (as part of The Pride Series) before Rupaul himself.

    I'll end up snatching a ticket to go see her again.
  2. One of the most baffling decisions of this show was the Shade Tree. I think it only get used once or twice, so why even bother leaving it in at that point?
  3. nn it was almost as botched and irrelevant as the 'red button' twist from All Stars 1.
  4. See also: the horrifying wax figure of Ru that was apparently just expensive background decoration they had to mention to make sure the check cleared.
  5. I'm meeting Asia tomorrow and Monet, MONIQUE!!! and Laila on Saturday... Rhode Island pride came all the way thru this year!!!!
  6. Ongina snapped

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  7. scream that Daniel guy messaged me on Grindr last week asking for ass pics hes from my city
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  8. Didn't they suggest at one point that it might have a camera watching the girls? (or am i mixing this wtih a rucap?)
    So random... as if they don't have a whole crew filming them all the time?
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  9. Seeing God x 2

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  10. What do we think The Vixen's twin would be like?
  11. The "nice"/Disney version of her self dd. And I'd live.
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  12. Holefiles?
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  13. Sometimes I get irrationally angry when I see Valentina because she truly was the real winner of Season 9, but instead we were left know who. The Winners circle would be so much more iconic and cogent with Valentina and Shangela in it. The way she made Sasha seethe at the reunion still gives me life though. Sasha knows deep down Val was the real winner and it chips away at her elitist little soul.
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  14. She says there just one more Review?
    So she won't be doing the reunion nor the finale?
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  15. Ru leaves the stage to deliberate with producers after a lipsync...
    Is this the first time anyone has confirmed this?
  16. I don't think she deserved to win but she definitely deserved top 4.

    Shea Coulee's Drag Race remains unfairly snatched.
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  17. No, other queens have mentioned this before.
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  18. She didn't deserve to win. She couldn't even lipsync a song, a basic need of the show. I thought she might have been Top Three when that season first started.
  19. That was the best one so far. The ending had me weepy again.
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  20. She was never going to win when Shea had won FOUR challenges, she had that win on lock until the twist.
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