RuPaul's Drag Race *SPOILERS*

Well at the time of that leak about how Heid is going to quit because of Jimbo, it was said that production let some fake tea and after that, none of the leakers said anything about why Heidi left.
I will say the reason will not be that dramatic but we will have to wait and see.

Seeing how people are going out it's interesting that some of the “stronger” ones are going out first.
That Top 3 terrifies me because there's a realistic, legitimate chance that Kandy Muse will win over Jimbo and LaLa. I might never watch the show again if All Stars 8 Winner Kandy Muse is real.
I'm hoping that much like Silky and Ra'jah that Kandy will get her redemption and that people will like her this time around.

Part of me does think that realistically it'll be Jimbo or LaLa that wins and I can't place my finger on why?
They will crown Jimbo with a heavily edited lipsync in the final.

Excited to see LaLa break through she has so much potential. Kandy is redundant and I have no idea why production believe in her so much.
I'm hoping that much like Silky and Ra'jah that Kandy will get her redemption and that people will like her this time around.

I still never understood why people hated Ra'Jah dd in the grand scheme of Drag Race Villains she was tame. On the other hand I can never think of Kandy outside of the Tamisha argument and I do hope that was just TV things and not how she always is.
If they can still have Jinkx beat Monet after that Swish Swish lipsync then they can crown anyone after the final lipsync at this point. Just dub in Ru saying it's also based on series performance, cut the lipsync to shreds and boom.

Jimbo seems pretty nailed on to win this to me. Ru clearly loves him, he'd bring something completely new to the winners circle, it would have the novelty factor of being the first international queen to win a technically US series, neither Kandy nor La La Ri are amazingly popular competition. Feels practically a foregone conclusion to me without even seeing a minute of the season.
Also the lip syncs during the season are determined based on who the group and winner have picked to eliminate right? I know usually they end up having the same lipstick, but if it was different then they just pick whichever winner sees the girl they are happier to go home at that point, and edit accordingly.
Updated episode order for AS8 believed to be, according to Reddit:

Ep 1 - Girl Groups (bye Monica)
Ep 2 - Sketch Comedy (bye Naysha)
Ep 3 - Ball (bye Darienne)
Ep 4 - Advert/Branding (bye MKD)
Ep 5 - Snatch Game (Heidi quits, Kahanna is saved)
Ep 6 - Rusical (bye Kahanna)
Ep 7 - Improv (bye Jessica)
Ep 8 - Design Return Challenge (hi Jessica)
Ep 9 - Roast (bye Jaymes)
Ep 10 - Makeover (bye Alexis)
Ep 11 - Talent Show (bye Jessica)
Ep 12 - Finale

If that's right, holding the Talent Show until the end seems weird to me? And eliminating Kasha in a comedy challenge right before a Snatch Game-Rusical-Improv run is disgusting. Good makeover is back though.

The previous rumour was the returning challenge was a Ball, so it's possible that and Design are mixed up maybe?
Talent show was last on All Winners too so perhaps it’s a new thing? Less queens doing their talent numbers makes sense to me because most of them do the same talents that you’d see on Drag Race anyway like lip syncing and dancing. It’s a bit of a pointless episode to me and should be replaced with some other challenge.

I’m really intrigued as to how this will play out, particularly how/why certain eliminations happen and if the alliances are one of the reasons why.

Some of the less recent Queens being paid dust is really sad to me as well, particularly Kasha and Darienne where their strengths come later in the season. It’ll just discourage Queens from agreeing to participate in the future.