RuPaul's Drag Race *SPOILERS*


Two design challenges, and a makeover in a season where over half the cast lipysnced/were eliminated in design challenges, and the other half almost all read for a lack of taste is an interesting choice. That, the talent show being the last challenge, and the comedy challenge airing immediately after the girl group episode on the first night really do feel like this is tailored towards Jimbo, to be honest.
Kasha leaving on a branding challenge and Jaymes on a roast seem....intriguing.

I can see Kasha being undone by them conveniently deciding to judge it in teams and then eliminating her either because she was the 'leader' or she is in a group with someone who was worse but had won a challenge (e.g. Kahanna, who seems to be being carried to the half way point), or a 'you were good but we expected more from you' schtick.

I like the mix of challenges but not the order. Darienne missing the roast is sad, but if it's a returning design challenge no wonder she didn't make it.
They always seem to place the girl group and design challenges really early on in an All Stars season which is a shame for the comedy queens who bomb out on those challenges before getting to snatch game or roast challenges which always seem to come later on now. All Stars 2 had the right idea putting Snatch Game as the second episode.
Talent show was last on All Winners too so perhaps it’s a new thing? Less queens doing their talent numbers makes sense to me because most of them do the same talents that you’d see on Drag Race anyway like lip syncing and dancing. It’s a bit of a pointless episode to me and should be replaced with some other challenge.

All Winners was non-eliminations though, so it made sense. The talent show being first on All Stars normal format is the fairest thing because nobody has a leg up, you get to stand out doing what you think you excel at, which is why it made sense to be worth extra stars last season.
Some various tea for All Stars 8:

- Jimbo has the most wins of the finalists (at least 3, maybe 4), Kandy and Lala both have 2 wins
- Jimbo lip syncs against Pangina (episode 2), Jorgeous, and Silky
- Kahanna wins episode 1
- There is very likely a non-elim and/or return episode where Jessica Wild returns
- The elim order at the top is unclear, Jessica and Alexis are definitely in the Top 5, but not sure who is out 5th and 4th, or if the finale is a Top 4
- Lip sync assassins so far are Aja (Ep 1), Pangina (Ep 2), Silky, Camden, Jorgeous, Jasmine Kennedie, Angeria, Priyanka, likely Symone
I guess the season 14 girls were the only ones by the phone for the lip sync assassins calls this season. I kind of hoped the tea around Detox being one of them was true, but I guess not.

I guess we’ll have to see how the edits play out, but it’s looking like a Jimbo win to me unless LaLa brings it. I refuse to live in a world where Kandy Muse is a winner of Drag Race.


It's probably just a silly coincidence, but Katya posted about having surgery this Friday, and therefore having gigs being rescheduled in the coming weeks.

Yeah according to her podcast with Trixie she’s having her hip replaced so most likely isn’t anything