RuPaul's Drag Race *SPOILERS*

No eliminations worked fine for All Winners because that was a victory lap season, but even then the format could use a little more tension. Would it just be point based? The gays who do the spreadsheets on Reddit are gonna sue.

Having a booger runway with cash incentives is a great way of giving everyone more screen time.

The stale ass queens eliminating queens format needs TO GO. Drag Race isn’t Big Brother or Survivor, it’s not a game that requires strategy, alliances, and subterfuge. It’s a merit based competition (producer meddling aside) and I can count on one hand how many times queens have been eliminated strategically. Just give us FY legacy and FY life lip syncs, idk.
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New spoilers:

Episode 3: Jessica Wild win / Kashsa out
Episode 4: Jimbo win (Darienne likely out)
Episode 5: Jimbo win (Heidi likely quits here)
Episode 6: Lala win (Kahanna out)

And Kandy has at least one win at the back end of the season (either Ep 8 or 9)

The final 3/4 (still unclear what it is) is cut to a Top 2, and Jimbo is one of the finalists--with 4 likely wins.
Some Global All-Stars rumours are doing the rounds

It's said to be an AS7 situation with no eliminations and a point system to determine the top 4.

Rumoured Cast:
- Alyssa Edwards
- Art Simone
- Cheddar Gorgeous
- Elecktra Bionic
- Envy Peru
- Kam Hugh
- Killer Queen
- Kimmy Couture
- Miz Cracker
- Naomi Smalls
- Pangina Heals
- Precious Paula Nicole


Miz Cracker

Envy Peru, Naomi Smalls, Alyssa Edwards & Kimmy Couture Top 4 would be excellent but you just know Mid Cracker is gonna sneak in there somehow and Pangina
Isn’t Miz Cracker literally rumoured for every iteration of Drag Race these days? They thought she was UK versus The World and Canada too. She’s probably on Drag Race Mexico and no one has spilled the tea on it yet.

I only know just over half this cast (for shame etc) but I’m looking forward to seeing a number of them in action again and getting to see some queens I’ve not seen on TV before. I’m hoping Kimmy gets to the end; she was the best thing about Canada 3.
Believe it or not, but it would appear that S16 begins filming this week. Here are all of the names currently in the mix:
Paragraph 1's contestants are looking very likely, paragraph 2's are probable. Subject to some tweaks, but this feels fairly sound!
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Why does Heidi quit?

I’ve seen tea on Reddit that it’s because of favouritism from production to others, mainly Jimbo.

I can’t imagine they would explicitly state this on screen, particularly as Jimbo seems to be one of the front runners, but you never know.

Considering some of the tea for this season is all over the place, I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t true, or at least, it’s got some degree of truth to it but it’s not the whole story.