RuPaul's Drag Race *SPOILERS*

They've really fumbled the bag with Heidi. She's the perfect All Stars comeback kid storyline, and has the talent, the personality, and now the improved quality of drag that would make for a highly satisfying winner amongst a cast of generally dimmer-wattage star power competitors (at least in comparison to previous years). Instead, they've seemingly given this role to LaLa (whom I do like, but just doesn't quite have the same impact as Heidi), are taking Kandy to the final as their main source of narrative, and are ultimately pushing Jimbo as their 'twist' of a winner this year ('we crowned a non-US contestant as an All Star - the doors this will open!').

I have real concerns that, upon smelling blood with Heidi providing them with a juicy story, they're going to double down and give her something of a villainous edit over the next two episodes, rather than a sympathetic one. I'm guessing Heidi's friction with Kandy will portray the latter in a good light, and the former in an envious one - they've already planted the seed in Untucked between Jimbo/Heidi, and Jaymes's talking head calling her 'jealous'.

Basically, I think they're doing something similar-ish with Heidi to what they did with Latrice in AS4. I'm not saying that Heidi is entirely without fault here if the above does come to pass, but I can also completely understand that she would spin out if she could see the writing on the wall.

I agree with your points that Heidi would’ve been a great come back kid kind of storyline and her drag has elevated somewhat since her season. She’s also so lovely and great television, which cannot be said for several in this cast.

However, additional tea on Reddit does suggest that’s not a straightforward situation between Heidi discussing eliminating Jimbo with Kandy. What is suspect to me is that the conversation between them happened ‘off camera’ (how convenient) so we won’t necessarily know the truth. Or at least, that’s what I took from what I read.
I wanna see how this plays out before making snap judgements. I love Heidi, but the girls coming into All Stars acting like they’ve never been on reality tv before is starting to get annoying.

On the other hand, the judging is rotten & the All Stars format needs a major refresh. I’m tired of the lip sync assassins.
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Venedita Von Dash (Spain)
and are ultimately pushing Jimbo as their 'twist' of a winner this year ('we crowned a non-US contestant as an All Star - the doors this will open!').

Jimbo really is the strongest so her win is no surprise. But producers thinking crowning a white Canadian is a ‘twist’ speaks volumes of them.
Wasn't it ultimately Alexis backtracking from agreeing Kandy had said it to suggesting she hadn't or being 'unsure' and leaving Heidi isolated?
I think it was a combination of things. The lack of recognition from the judges and then the Alexis situation. I thought Alexis’ face told the real story and had she stayed, she knew it would open the edit to make Heidi the villain and it probably wasn’t worth it to her to go through that knowing how the fans are.
Heidi coming for Kahanna during Snatch Game was her downfall it came across as petty and unnecessary and opened up the floodgates to the drama in the werkroom.

I think Heidi came in thinking she had a strong chance of winning but as the weeks have gone on has realised that the season is not going to be built around her narrative. Ultimately if she has stayed I imagine it would have been a top 3 placement for Heidi but with a hint of a villain edit.
I don't think Heidi was kicking Kahanna when she was down, that's not in her nature... but I do think it was a rather bad attempt at helping.
I think Kahanna's reaction was largely strategic; she knew that she and Heidi were going to be the bottom, so if she wanted to another chance of survival, she needed to get eyes on Heidi at the first possible chance.
Of course, it then backfired and knew she wasn't going to be kept over Jessica.
I’m confused that people thought Heidi was in the bottom? She had a better reaction than LaLa, Kandy and Jessica I thought?

I thought it was funny. But it was mostly just Heidi for the most part. Although I guess this is where doing a character where no one knows what they sound like or any of their real characteristics is difficult.

Maybe they thought they would play her fake leg falling off early in a negative way.
Heidi's snatch game was awful. She ended up just acting like herself trying to be sassy with Kahanna for a laugh which didn't work out either. There was zero characterization beyond a couple peg leg jokes. At least everyone else was in some sort of character, aside from maybe Lala who was also pretty much just Lala but that could just be because I don't know the person she was playing.
I didn’t see Heidi in the bottom either. it wasn’t a great performance by any means, but she had some jokes and Ru did laugh. Jessica’s character didn’t land and Kahanna was one note so they were the right bottoms. I think Jessica was always bound for the bottom because Ru and Michelle knew the character and Michelle in particular was fond of her.
I don't think Heidi would have been dinged because she wasn't in character and I think her jabs were funny, but I could understand Kahanna popping off because of how she was. It's like a weird mix of I understand why she was kind of foul but also she was also lightly shitty in a way that wasn't funny enough to justify the jokes at Kahanna's expense? Weird middle to be in. But considering how the show was going.

It is kind of insane how many story lines for the show (Alas Stars) have been "this show does sincere damage to the girls and yet they continue to go on."
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It is kind of insane how many story lines for the show (Alas Stars) have been "this show does sincere damage to the girls and yet they continue to go on."

I mean, a lot of girls haven't been going on, that's why this season's casting seemed to be a bit... desperate.
But there's rumors that the next All Stars might have the All Winners non-eliminations to try to convince better queens it's more worth their while, so we'll see if that ends up the case.
Apparently, the calls have now gone out, and here are some of the girls who got the call

Alyssa Edwards (US)
Charity Kase (UK)
Farida Kant (Italy)
Janey Jacke (Holland)
Kam Hugh (France)
Minty Fresh (Philippines)
Miz Cracker (US)
Naomi Smalls (US)
Pythia (Canada)
Tayce (UK)
Vanda Miss Joaquim (Thailand)
Venedita Von Dash (Spain)
Vivian Vanderpuss (Canada)
Yuri Guaii (DU)
Aside from Tayce and Venedita, the non-US choices are whack.

Estrella Xtravanganza
Annee Maywong
Kana Warrior
Kandy Zyanide
Marina Summers
Suki Doll
Kimmy Couture
Black Peppa

I mean...come on.