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RuPaul's Drag Race - The Lipsync Rate: Your Winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by munro, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Alyssa v Tatiana got my 11 but I'd be more than happy with a Dida win.
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  2. The best one:

    Alyssa vs Coco!
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  3. Oh my god I'm ashamed a forgot. Honestly, I want Alyssa and Tatianna out next. @ me.
  4. I love the shady editing where Detox says she being sexy in the talking head and it cuts to her pulling a really unattractive face.

    How Roxxxy thought Detox had that I don’t know.
  5. What I don’t get is, surely the queens’ commentary on the lipsyncs is filmed afterwards? So Detox says “I’m gonna send that bitch packing” already knowing she’s lost?
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  6. The producers ask them questions, framed in a certain way to elicit responses. E.g. “what was going through your head when RuPaul said you’d be lip syncing?”

    Either that, or they used footage from a previous talking head.
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  7. 3rd - Alyssa vs Coco - 9.58

    Highest Score - 11 x 1 (@Serg. )
    Lowest Score - 6 x 1 (@Stuart )
    My Score - 10

    Both girls went in on this song. Coco mouthing every word like she's "Paula Abdul herself" is always a kii. Coco made perfect use of her costume for this lipsync and in the end it was very clear that she had won and that Alyssa was going home.

    @GhettoPrincess "Amazing, such a close call. Personally I loved Alyssa a bit more but Coco really worked it out with the outfit and pointing at her mouth so I’m not bitter at the result. "

    @Jwentz "C'mon sleeves!"

    @Stuart "Those bloody sleeves which Coco whips out at every gig now. They're not iconic hen, you can keep them. "

    @crash9081 "One of my favourite lip syncs of all time. Both girls gave everything to the number. Every pointed look, gesture and dance move was perfectly timed and executed (Alyssa turning back to face the judges, Coco rising up like a snake from the ground, Alyssa doing the spin into the splits, Coco's sleeves and Alyssa falling backwards like a rag doll). I can't not think of this performance every time I hear this song. "

    @Solenciennes "The dramaaaaaaaa! Coco pointing at her mouth, Alyssa's jump into a split, Coco's sleeves, Alyssa throwing herself all over the stage… this is what you want to see. "

    @Serg. "This is what you show people when they ask you whats Drag Race"

    @berserkboi "Amazing amazing a 100 times over"

    @Remorque "This was such a close call though. Both queens put on a fantastic show, though I’m thinking Ru was right in sending Alyssa home, because Coco turned it O.U.T.!"

    @diamondliam "A climax to Drag Race’s most convoluted and probably fake feud. Both of them turned it out, I just wish Alyssa was wearing something more interesting."

    @Pinkie "Oh my god, the level of drama and the actual fight they went through to stay. Neither of them were holding shit back, oh at all, and I can only imagine how crushed Alyssa must’ve been to go"

    @sfmartin "Absolutely one of the best, a definite contender for the 11. Probably the most equally matched of all the lip syncs. Both queens know their craft and FOUGHT the tension was thick, that was an epic battle. A jumping twist split, and that move where Coco drops to the floor punches the air and Alyssa falls backwards is perfect. Not much can top this."

    @BTG "A triumph."

    @Terminus "Lipsync Destruction! Coco twirling in that amazing body suit, she looks bloody amazing, the iconic bit where she lips right at the judges, and then you have Alyssa's all round moves! The pair of them, superb"

    @constantino changed this from his 11 at the final hour but didn't provide alternate commentary so i'll provide his original commentary as he sums up his feelings anyway "Yes, this is my favourite lip sync. It’s probably a bit of an odd choice for an Alyssa stan to pick a lip sync that she actually loses, but their mutual performance still tops most others. As much as I love Dida, Latrice and Chi Chi, I have to give my 11 to this for its intensity and its closeness. The often exhausting Alyssa vs Coco feud came to an end in the most explosive and dramatic way possible and it made the whole thing worthwhile completely. Context aside, the moment-factor is what made this my ultimate; Coco pointing at her mouth as she nails every word, Alyssa’s helicopter split and Coco sIaying with her outfit. A bop’T too. This is just perfection."
  8. Which means your top two are Dida vs The Princess/Alyssa vs Tatianna

    Who will win?
  9. That bodysuit/the sleeves are just the PERFECT outfit. Coco is really an all-round force in that performance. I also live for the way she says "as if I was Paula Abdul herself".

    I hope Alyssa v Tatianna wins, I like Dida v The Princess but I had honestly forgotten who Dida was lipsyncing against until I saw it written there.
  10. I’m genuinely baffled at that coming 3rd. It just comes across as a bit desperate from both of them.
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  11. Alyssa vs Tati for the win Gherls.
  12. It's an amazing lip-sync, I'm shocked it didn't come 2nd to be fair but I'm rooting for Alyssa even more now.
  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Perfect top 2 to be honest.
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  14. Dida is the epitome of a fairly basic Queen rising to the occasion and lip syncing for her mother fucking life in front of the icon who originated the song. She more than does it justice and justifies her place in the competition.

    Alyssa vs. Tati is two queens fighting tooth and nail at the top of their game. Everything from their mirrored costumes, that zoom in to Carson's shocked face and the double shantay. . . It's sublime.

    Both are worthy winners, I think Alyssa and Tati edges it just slightly but it's a fantastic top 2.
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  15. I've just finished a rewatch of season 4, and Dida's super charming. I mean, obviously her drag was as busted as her wigs were thirsty, but I really enjoyed her.

    Kii, I just went on her Instagram to see how her drag has evolved since the show (spoiler: not much) and found this pic of her and The Princess.

  16. Happy for Dida tbh, this is her moment!
  17. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Dida's lipsync is just so addictive, I can't just watch it once. Latrice's commentary makes it.
  18. Dida for the win. Justice for her not being an All Star yet.
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  19. #TeamDida. Alyssa vs. Tati is legendary but Dida was otherworldly.
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  20. I didn’t get to vote in this because we suffered a major family loss right before the extended deadline and I still had a couple of seasons left to rate but as I said before voting closed, Dida was my choice for an 11.

    When she is destroying that runway, looking absolutely radiant in gold whilst Latrice gets ha absolute life behind her and it looks like she’s literally leaving a trail of pure gold behind her to the climax of the song. I lose my damn mind every time. High drag indeed.
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