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RuPaul's Drag Race - The Lipsync Rate: Your Winner!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by munro, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. I may be biased but I thought that Alyssa should have won this. It's difficult as they had both landed in the bottom twice before this but I think both of Coco's were justified and Alyssa's weren't. I like Coco's outfit but I don't gag over the sleeves like some do.
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  2. I'm really happy that Dida has made the top 2, it's so well deserved.
  3. I'm about to reveal the winner, stay tuned x
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  4. I meant to ask, when you told Alyssa about the rate did you tell her where she'd placed?
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  5. I did, I told her where all of her lipsyncs placed.
  6. I won't bother texting her to tell her she has 2 in the top 3 then.
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  7. So Girls.

    Your winner is....

    1st - Tatianna vs Alyssa - 10.16

    Highest Score - 11 x 8 (@Pecans @Terminus @Mikl C @Lost In Japan. @sfmartin @2014 @gagapourgaga @GhettoPrincess )
    Lowest Score - 7 x 1 (@Lapras )
    My Score - 10

    So gherls, you've chosen this absolutely iconic lipsync as your favourite lipsync to be performed on RuPaul's Drag Race. This is as close a lipsync as you can get which the final decision was made to bring both girls back into the competition. Both girls fought tooth and nail to get a spot back on the cast of the show and it really showed as they both went for it 100%. Carson's face makes this entire thing totally iconic. The biggest kii is perhaps PhiPhi getting her absolute life to the performance in the background, unaware that both girls are about to choose to eliminate her. Poor it.

    @GhettoPrincess "WOW-OH-WOW. I don’t even like this song that much but Tatianna and Alyssa completely sell it. They are literally on par with each other and it’s so visually pleasing but also amazing because we rooting for the both of them so much. So much talent, hands down the best lip-sync the show has had for me. Congratulations Alyssa & Tatianna, my true winners of All Stars 2."

    @Jwentz "[​IMG] "

    Also, @Pinkie "Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping, spectacular, never the same etc."

    @Stuart "CARSON'S FACE "

    @sfmartin "I mean, every one knew that Alyssa would turn it out, but Tatianna? We got a glimpse of potential in the first lip sync but it was illjudged. What wonderfully coordinated outfits first off. The hair the boots, they both look like beautiful Barbies! I'm still not convinced they both didn't practice this together at the same time, they are both so syncopated with each other. Tatianna brings ferocious energy and a cute, bubbly girly style thats a joy to watch. Alyssa is just Alyssa, dynamic from start to finish, she is so dramatic and I live. She knows just when to time those knockout moves for maximum impact. I will never get tired of rewatching this. I have deliberated long and hard about an 11, but it has to be this because both queens pull out all the stops and it is the perfect outcome, no bittersweet victory."

    @diamondliam "PERFECTION. I don’t think I have anything witty to say but I completely relate to Carson’s look of amazement as the camera shakes and zooms into his face."

    @Pecans "How perfect was this lip sync? From the angel-devil looking costumes to the iconic performers and stellar song choice, this is EVERYTHING a lip sync should be. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of either performer: Tati and Alyssa have such contrasting lip sync styles but they totally worked together so well."

    @Serg. "Everyone will praise so I'll just say YAS"

    @Remorque "Fierce as fuck. Both of the queens gave it everything they got and did deserve to stay in the end."

    @Solenciennes "Tatianna proving once and for all that if you're up against Alyssa Edwards, the best thing to do is try and copy her and turn the whole thing into a spectacle instead of being eaten up by Alyssa's superior stage presence. This is great. "

    @Terminus "I can't not... I mean, it's just so bloody epic. It turned Shut Up And Drive into a classic, it really cemented the, as absolute Lipsync Icons, and the force and need they put into it, of course the part where they end up spinning in sync leaves as gagged as Carson. "

    @BTG "Unexpectedly **** me a bit."

    @constantino "Aaaaannnndddd my wig is still nowhere to be scene. But no seriously what a fucking performance this is. The Ying and Yang matching leotard/boot combo. Their hair being laid like state fair cotton candy. Their faces being beaten to a pulp. The fact that both is so ready, confident, composed and in control; as if the clouds parted and the stars aligned for this moment in television history to take place. There are more epic stunts in this one lip sync than their were all throughout every lip sync in season 7...and 8...and 9...and All Stars 1. Them hitting the floor on the same beat of the song being the obvious standout. It becomes even more incredible a moment in context; the fact that this came straight after Alaska had eliminated ⅔ of the fan favourites. I was gonna give this my 11 but I made the last minute decision to give it to a more underrated lip sync instead (by comparison at least)."

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  8. Very happy with this result and am utterly shooketh that it has a 10.16 average. Literally when will your faves?
  9. Amazing result, great Rate @munro
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  10. Which means that your 2nd placing lipsync is:

    2nd - Dida vs The Princess - 10.04

    Highest Score - 11 x 4 (@theelusivechanteuse @agnete @BTG @munro )
    Lowest Score - 8 x 1 (@Pecans )
    My Score - 11

    For me, this is the best lipsync performance of all time. Dida's performance in this is the definition of lipsyncing for your life. Dida was a very average queen but she got up on that stage and did the damn thing knowing that she had a lot to prove, she did just that. The Princess isn't even bad in this performance but Dida absolutely blew her out of the water, poor thing. Natalie Cole was getting every single bit of her life to this performance and that makes me feel even better about Dida dominating this, the performer of the song felt it and stanned fully. A true moment in Drag Race history right here.

    @GhettoPrincess "Dida killed it "

    @navytaxi "Dida. Did. THAT. Unreal really given she wasn't that great the rest of the time "

    @theelusivechanteuse "Just...the best ever. "

    @Stuart "It infuriates me that most of the videos of this have "LOGOTV TALK" tweets over the top of this. Logo, you had 44mins of the show prior to the lipsync to show tweets, why do it now?! "

    @gagapourgaga "Dida’s performance is the gold standard of lipsyncing"

    @berserkboi "Dida's best moment obvs"

    @constantino "WHEEEEWWWW!!! ICONIC!! Dida did that. The fact that this lip sync and this lip sync alone saw her through all the way to the top 5 is surely enough to prove that it is one of the most powerful lip syncs in Drag Race herstory. She is doing so damn much and yet it feels to natural and effortless, Miss Cheesecake is feeling it. She is feeling her oats, grains, lentils and pulses and I am right there with her. Get it, bitch!"

    @BTG "I'll probably regret this when I see better, more competitive lip syncs be eliminated and it is such a predictable choice, but as Latrice says, this is what a lip sync for your life is all about. Dida, an all round basic queen, served it."

    @Lost In Japan. "This is so good that it almost makes me not resent Dida for getting her ratty wigs to top five. Almost."

    @diamondliam "The only bad thing about this performance is that the safe queens were in the dark. I wish we could see their reaction to one of the most transcendent lip sync performances of all time. Dida was never a threat to the crown, but for one song she was the winner."

    @Pinkie "I wonder if The Princess ever looked over at Dida and realised she was being buried alive"

    @Remorque "Dida really gave us a fantastic performance here. She gave us what the song asked her to do and I was extremely entertained throughout. The Princess may not have been there during the final two minutes of the song and nobody would have noticed…"

    @sfmartin "A masterclass in lip syncing from Dida."

    @Solenciennes "The Princess is a footnote in Dida Ritz's finest moment but she does it competently and doesn't distract from Dida's performance so I'm giving this full marks. It's just pure, unbridled joy, a totally engrossing performance. The gold and silver everywhere just makes it all feel a little bit magical, everyone looks beautiful and Dida, just for a couple of minutes, felt like a star. Shame the rest of her run was mired in such mediocrity and lasted for way too long... "

    @crash9081 "Probably one the most perfect performances in the herstory of the show. Dida serves build up, a look (probably the best she ever looked on the show) and a real love and respect for the song and for Natalie Cole. Every single move, gesture and look is perfectly timed and executed. The rapturous reactions of the other queens (Latrice!) and the judging panel just add to the performance. I want this played at my wedding when I walk down the aisle. As for the Princess... poor it. "
  11. Thoroughly deserved placing, this lipsync alone justified Dida's placing in the top 5 and I won't hear otherwise. And another 10+ point average! Is this the only time a rate has had 2 averages over 10?
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  12. Uno


    Alyssa vs. Tatianna is so overrated.
  13. Hoo-fucking-ray. Alyssa and Tatianna did that.
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  15. Wonderful result. The best single performance and the best duo performance. The win for Alyssa and Tatiana is absolutely justified because it's got that tension that any slam dunk win will always lack. Plus in terms of value for money, why settle for one person performing at the top of their game when you can have two?

    Superb rate @munro I've enjoyed every bit of it.
  16. Not the most surprising of winners but definitely a high moment anyway. I gave the whole top 3 a 10 but would have their [placement reversed. Very good rate @munro - even if some left far too early!
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  17. Didn't have time to vote, but this was the perfect top 2 and Tati v Alyssa would have scored my 11. Talent wins.

    You've done amazing, @munro!
  18. Fantastic rate @munro, I've fully enjoyed every minute of it.
  19. Thanks girls, see y'all (and everyone that didn't get to vote) after AS3 and S10 xx
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  20. Yaas! Great rate. And so happy the top two had 10+ averages. When will your favs?
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