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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Her entire aesthetic is very East London, though, so she’s not wrong. There’s nothing particularly Canadian about her drag.

    (And it’s “expat”, not “ex-pat”. It’s not like she was formerly a patriate and became an ex-patriate.)
  2. “No badges Chez!!”

    Wow I stan a winner of the nations hearts
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  3. I know what you’re trying to say but I think you’ve expressed it very badly. Nearly every “creative” type who moved to East London in the past decade has contributed to gentrification. I don’t see what Canada has to do with it.
  4. To boggle your mind even further, I do actually. Her post-show endeavors have been immaculate and her Marlene Dietrich is one of my favourite Snatch Game Performances.

    Thanks for the correction.

    I probably have and that was definitely not what I intended to express.
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  5. Sad to see Cheryl go, she'd become my fave.
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    That is all. Please continue.
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  7. I found that quite endearing.

    I see Graham and Alan are both judges next week, which will be great to see, although I've far preferred Alan this series. I get why they went for Graham for his star power and he wasn't awful but I hope next season Alan is on every week!
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  8. I've really liked Alan and Graham this season
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  9. She was good, but next time she needs to talk back to Michelle and blend that glittery eyeshadow hun.
  10. I continue to be surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed this

    poor Baga’s mum...
  11. The Final 3 Queens for Grazia UK shot by Rankin.

    Divina in that red wig and silver dress.

  12. Personal preferences aside I do think it's pretty funny that people are shouting "FIX" because it's an Amy Winehouse song when Baga is in the bottom even though Cheryl Hole got a Cheryl song when she first landed in the bottom.
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  13. I saw a lot of people say exactly the same last week!
  14. Does Michaela Coel sing Tears Dry On Their Own?
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  15. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    In fairness, the musical guest judges (Jade, Geri, Cheryl) have all had the sing-off music for their episodes be songs by them. I agree Cheryl Hole had a huge advantage, though.

    The Amy song, on the other hand, just sort of came out of nowhere.

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  16. I think it's obvious the lipsync songs are not always set until they have an idea of who the bottom two are. I mean we had Carmen and Yara Sofia doing Hey Mickey in Spanish. How lucky for the producers that two Spanish speaking queens ended up in the bottom that week.

    They've often had musical guest judges but then used someone else's song for the lip sync.
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  17. She used to when she was in those clubs in Europe.
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  18. I mean, it came out of the list of lipsync songs they were sent prior to filming.
  19. And similarly I’ve heard that Malambo No 1 was going to be for the telenovela episode but wouldn’t have fit Alyssa or Coco’s style.
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  20. Read an interview earlier where Cheryl said she DID include lots of classic Gemma Collins quotes in her Snatch Game but none of them made the edit.
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