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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. One of my colleagues posted a picture of her, her trans daughter and The Vivienne at DragCon UK on our internal LGBT+ Facebook group

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  2. Viv walked right by me at Drag Con as I queued for Cheryl & Jujubee doing FPR panel and we met eyes and I stared at her, deadpan and refused to clap as everyone else around went wild.

    I will say this for her though, the mug was RIGHT. So many of the queens up close have terrible make up. Of the UK girls, Blu’s was the most impressive to see in the flesh, she’s so incredible talented and genuinely seemed lovely.
  3. Blu’s outfit falling apart on the DragCon queens entrance walk was a mood

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  4. It really is
  5. Baga was at the Two Brewers on Saturday night and I quite happily blanked her while everyone in my immediate vicinity was clamouring for a photo.

    If it had been Divina, Cheryl, Blu or Crystal I would have stanned for my life.
  6. OMG, I've been staring at this GIF for the last 5 minutes. She's channeling Kitana from Mortal Kombat.
  7. I know I'm supposed to watch the queens but the professional cameraman (in that black sweater) filming the runway...

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  8. Gurl, I know. Sameee.
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  9. Went to see Klub Kids presents the Comedy Queens last night and it was a real mixed bag/bit disappointing. I know it’s not really a UK heavy night but as Baga was on I thought it would fit here?

    Katya was a good compère but didn’t have any time to shine.

    Baga was pretty terrible - it’s as if she just haven’t an act as yet, she sang a couple of songs with some not very funny lyric changes thrown in every now and then and then chatted a bit of shit but it wasn’t that amusing.

    Manila Luzon is not a comedy queen, and to be fair to her, she said it herself, she’s not funny. But she definitely tried.

    Sherry Vine was pretty terrible, I don’t really know her too much but it was just a bit crude but without the actual humour??

    Nina West took far too long to get going, and the act wasn’t great but she definitely put the most effort into costumes etc

    Lady Bunny was the absolute star of the show - just hilarious, everything she said was funny and should have had way more time.

    Anyone else been?
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  10. I was at the same show, and I would have pretty much the same review. I thought Nina did pretty good to be fair, and Katya felt like a star, but totally had no space to shine. I wish it was a solo turn. I had second hand embarrassment watching Manilla, it was really that awful! And the less said about Baga the better!. Lady Bunny was a scream.

    I was sat next to the girl who got called on stage to tell a joke and then said 'her life was a joke'. She and her friend were disgustingly drunk, moved everyone in and out of their seat literally about 25 times, and cried throughout the whole show that she had lost her phone, which was visible in her hand, pocket, bag the whole time. It was a mess.
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  11. Sis you went to see a comedy show (already problematic cause you know they will go there) with Baga, Nina West and Manila (never funny) and expected a good night?
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  12. Me after two glasses of champs.
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  13. Gaga was there?
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  14. Lol, it was a birthday gift from someone who knows I like Katya, but they didn't read the fine print, so I didn't want to be a dick about it. I could have handled the bad comedy had it not been for the hysterics next to me!
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. I'd place money on the guy who runs Klub Kids doing his own comedy set during the tour at some point.
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  17. I love how he’s paid Katya, one of the most expensive Drag Race queens to come host but he’ll still waste her by hosting at least half the show himself.

    Saying that I’m going later this week, thank you £12 Wowcher offer...
  18. Just out of sheer curiosity - how much does KATYA make per appearance like this?
  19. Not about Katya per se, but here's a reddit thread with some numbers.
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  20. These numbers are three years ago though. I bet Katya’s like 10-15k now.
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