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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I saw the same show and they had to kick a girl out behind us at the interval because she wouldn't shut up during people's sets and then started having a go at people telling her to quieten down.
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  2. pLeaSE DOnt ShaME DrikERs hick


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  3. Gargle gargle


    *throws up on self*
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  4. It would get in the way of his many dance routines.
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  5. The Vivienne continues to discredit her win by complaining about a joke Divina made which Viv claims “discredits her win”.

    Divina also dragging queens who aren’t openly political in that interview, just name Viv and Baga. We love a politically aware queen.
  6. It's almost Nancy Drew season, girls! Where's my good Judy, @EnsnareTheSenses?

    Guesses for series 2? I'm hoping for at least one Scottish queen.
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  7. All this over this quote?
    Girl, aren’t you tired of being an idiot?
  8. Viv has to be up there as one of the worst queens post win
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  9. The Viv is literally The Worst.
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  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Viv isn't worth anyone's time while she's still doing the whole Trump thing. Gross.
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  12. I love her answers about politics + drag and I loved this answer most of all from the interview.

    "Sam Smith had come out as non-binary the same day, and they were already getting a lot of hate for that. The fact that they’re non-binary has nothing to do with you, or me, or anybody else. It’s their life. Let them fucking live it. So, yeah it was to do with showing support, and for myself, and because the show can be quite exclusionary. When Drag Race says ‘these are the best UK queens’; I’m sorry, but that’s not wholly accurate, and the show should be opened up to everyone because there are people like Holestar and many others who are consistently brilliant. Drag Race is a monolith, so I can understand where the fear lies for producers: if we introduce this will it dilute the excitement and drama? I can’t see how it would. For me, it would add more of that. Because then you have those conversations like: is it easier for a female-bodied person to do drag? I don’t think so. Drag is either good or bad. And it’s about gender, not sex. Opening up the show would bring a lot of people closer to the understanding about the differences between gender and sex, because it would then be essential for the show to be having those conversations – which in turn would help to educate millions of people across the world about trans and non-binary people. It would make a lot of peoples’ lives a lot easier – if we were above to have that conversation on a platform like that."

    I fucking love my Drag Race UK winner, Divina De Campo. Vivienne WHO?
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  13. I love that she mentioned Holestar.
  14. I've known her for years, back when she lived in Newcastle in my college days.

    Beautiful person inside and out plus we share the same name, so what's not to love.
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  15. Someone’s a little insecure about her win...


    I wouldn’t mind, Divina didn’t really say anything bad about her, just that she herself wasn’t cutthroat.
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  16. and pre
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  17. I will say, it's a lot easier to be the robbed runner-up than the winning queen in the fandom these days.
  18. I think Divina was being a bit shady. By saying Ru's looking for a cutthroat winner who will kneecap you for a crown, she's saying The Vivienne is a cutthroat capper with a crown. Divina's in a better position as the robbed runner-up we all love anyway. She *should* have won, but I don't think her finale look did her any favours. The Vivienne turned it out and Divina turned up in a Ginger Spice dress that needed a proper ironing. The thought behind the dress was worthy, but Divina spent the season turning out LOOKS and The Geri '97 just didn't land when she really needed to land. The Vivienne was so polished she made Divina look second place at that finale. The Vivienne looking soft and willowy in the finale was a remarkable transformation when you consider she's so hard and remorseless.
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