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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Ha, indeed - I've had the privilege of seeing the show! Not a weak link in the house. Lydia's Sarah is just incredible.
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  2. I will.
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  3. @Holly Something, come collect your winnings!

    Klub Kids guy interrupted Katya’s solo slot tonight to tell the audience 2 jokes he came up with. Neither were funny.

    Other than that, brilliant show! (Even if Manila failed to land a single joke...)
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  4. Called it!
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  5. I've been mulling RuPaul's appearance on SNL for since it aired, and it unsurprisingly felt very inauthentic.

    The irony of 'don't take life too seriously!', 'you're born naked, and the rest is drag!' and 'don't take life too seriously!!' when every story we've heard coming out about RuPaul losing her shit on set or treating the queens like crap completely contradicts this.

    I absolutely knew she would mostly present in male form during the live segments (and fine, she doesn't like the quick drag on herself, etc), but it felt very contradictory to what she presents as herself.

    Either you present us the fluffy shit, or you own your own shit. There's no choosing it when it suits your own purpose rubbish.
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    Get off the stage, luv.
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  7. Andrew didn't say a word at my date!
  8. So The Vivienne went off on an audience member, keep destroying that win gal.
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  9. What happened this time?
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  10. I enjoyed a good chunk of it, but I can't help to stan Vas' never ending hatred for this season whenever it gets mentioned on this forum.

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  11. The Viv has a massive chip on her shoulder and an inflated ego. She’s not even cunty-but-likeable in the way that someone like Violet is. I lived for her during the season, but since then ... girl, take it easy.
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  12. I had to unfollow her on Twitter she was making me cringe. Her spelling is atrocious also. Massive chip, massive ego, delusional!
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  13. You forgot

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  15. "Before you were born" Vivienne is 27 years old, was she fighting for trans people in primary school?
  16. La Viv has never said Gay Rights
  17. Was that video staged?
  18. No that was her win.
  19. It’s bizarre that her go-to insult is to infantilise people (“you child”, “before you were fucking born”, etc). Sis, are you actually 47 pretending to be 27? Because if so I’m not seeing the maturity.
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  20. 'David I'll deal with this'

    *proceeds to deal with it terribly*
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