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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

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  2. Do you think she should been top or bottom?
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  3. Top along with Davina and Crystal (I’m at the untucked bit)
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  4. That Baga outfit.

    No baby no.
  5. Davina’s outfit was a total slay
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This pushing of Baga yet Crystal still has no wins???? Good grief.
  7. Baga trash.
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  8. Sam


    Shoulder pads. Crack cocaine for gays.
  9. aux


    Baga should've been in the bottom.
  10. The runways on the UK version have more charm to me than the American version. I find myself not really caring about the runways in the American version unless they’re particularly good or particularly bad, but I’m very invested in all of the UK looks.
  11. BTG


    Oh wow. Baga looked fucking terrible.
  12. Not ANOTHER dreadful lipsync. Fucking hell.
  13. Just catching up now...
    This fucking Wicker Man inspired mini challenge
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  14. Baga looked horrific but I can understand why they want to keep her around for Snatch Game.

    Divina, The Vivienne and Crystal all looked great and are probably my top 3 to be honest.

    Great challenge though and entertaining mini-challenge as well.

    Next weeks episode looks lit I’ve also be loving Ru’s looks, apart from that ghastly green piece of shit in week one.
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  15. My one worry with Drag Race UK was that Ru’s supposed dodgy Anglophile music taste would be inflicted on us all and I hear tonight’s lipsync was the first of many songs you would never hear in a gay bar.
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  16. Really pleased for Divina’s win, I also adore her laugh!
  17. Why was Baga safe? To me it was the worst outfit by far. It was a glittery corset with an ill fitting glittery diaper underneath.
  18. BTG


    Crystal’s outfit was probably one of my favourite design challenge looks ever?
  19. K94


    -The Vivienne was giving me Halloween Zara Larsson teas and I was here for it - she's bordering on unnecessarily messy at times, but she's a star and definitely pushing ahead.

    - I'm relieved y'all saw what I saw with Baga's look - it was out-of-shape and bland. 2nd worst after Sum Ting

    - Divinaaaaaa - my jaw dropped. She was giving us Punk/New Romantics hybrid and it was CAMP. She's an angel too and I want her to do so well.

    - Everyone was doing too much on Cheryl's dress. The whole pile on from the other girls is making me a little uncomfortable unless we aren't seeing the whole picture.

    - Crystal has been doing a lil sumn with these looks, although boy Crystal is getting a bit annoying - he looks like he'd flip a table if you didn't know verse 3, line 2, letter 7 of a William Blake poem but I still would oop.
  20. The Vivienne looked like Karg from Masters Of The Universe: The Movie.

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