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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Then put her in the bottom 3 but not bottom 2.
  2. BTG


    That was much better than last week. There’s a messy charm to the show that’s making it feel fresh.

    I guess it’s the cultural difference where the girls aren’t afraid to go in, but also don’t take it too seriously.
  3. I honestly enjoyed Sum Ting’s lipsync, but I felt second hand discomfort watching Vinegar drag herself along that stage. I’ve seen Vinegar perform, she’s incredibly talented and has one of the biggest personalities of the season, but this kind of competition just isn’t her ballgame....though it sucks she didn’t get the chance to make it to Snatch Game.

    I love Sum Ting and the Vivienne but Divina is my top toot of the season so far.
  4. The lip sync was pretty equal but not in a double shantay way and not in a double sashay way
  5. I know from experience that what Divina did with that ugly plastic textile was little short of miraculous. She definitely downplayed her abilities. To make that 'fabric' (horrid stiff plastic textile) sit comfortably, to sew it without it bunching and moving out of shape, is a talent in itself. She must have double-stitched her outfit to death. Also, Crystal is brilliant too. Beach balls? With that heavy fabric balanced on top? And it didn't collapse. Ugh, pure talent.
  6. It felt very season 3 as a challenge I enjoyed it
  7. Sun Ting’s lipsync was superb.
  8. Baga being safe despite having the worst outfit by far?

  9. Baga's the fan favourite though, isn't she? She garners a lot of positive comments on Twitter from fans. She's made for Americans with that cockney accent. Cor blimey! Is that put on? Crystal really deserves more support.
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  10. Just bumped into Baga at halfway to heaven and she was so gone I could have probably told her her name was Maga Shitz and she’d believe me. She knew she should have been bottom. And the tea is if she wasn’t a key act for the venue where most of the Ru Girls frequent when they’re in the U.K., her card would have been marked.
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  11. Crystal won me over this week. Divina's look was ugly to me (come thru Pennywise at fashion week). I can smell a mini Cheryl redemption coming. She definitely does have a Haus of Edward's vibe, but I didnt expect production to push it so much.
  12. ... West 5?
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  13. Sam


    Omg scream

    Not sure if you were being serious but they’re probably on about Heaven. Baga’s judged Porn Idol a few times I’ve been there
  14. Cheryl really shouldn't have been bottom three when Baga and Blu both looked horrendous.

    That top three though, each were so good.
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    Not watched episode 3 yet but fucking hell that Downton Draggy nonsense was worse than the dying days of SM:TV Live with Brian Dowling.
  16. Divina has really grown on me. I hope she makes top three. Baga to the bin. The Vivienne was a bit of a snore with that outfit. I didn’t get the praise.
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  17. Wow! What a phenomenal episode. This season is so fresh and with the two croakers out it felt like the competition really started tonight.

    I have such a crush on crystal and her outfit tonight was divine. I hope she lasts because I enjoy every second she’s on screen.

    Divina gives me Alaska vibes. I’d peg her or Vivian to take the crown.

    If I didn’t know about the MAGA Chipz thing, I’d really enjoy Baga. A really good tv character and drag race personality.

    It was time for Vinegar to go. That outfit was fucking horrific. My mom was REPULSED. I’m glad Sum Ting Wong stayed as I find her endlessly endearing.
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  18. How Crystal didn't win I will never understand. Divina was great too, but she was clearly second to Crystal who fucking killed it.

    Baga should've been bottom 2 over Sumting and Cheryl should've been safe. They should've done 4 tops and 4 bottoms just to give Blu some praise and also shit on Baga a bit.
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  19. I'm looking to make or buy my friend a Ru Peter badge for secret santa, does anyone know if theres anywhere I can go or know anything about custom badges?
  20. I suspect that you won't get anything like that official wise until Drag Con UK in January.
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