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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Crystals outfit was amazing. Divina deserved the win though. I’d have given them a double win. Baga was horrific, she should have been lip syncing for her life.

    Not sure why Cheryl got such a hard time, her garment looked miles better that some of the other Queens. I thought The Vivienne’s was basic as hell, it’s lucky she chose a good silhouette to stick those tapes too.

    So happy Sum Ting stayed. Vinegar was messy and badly put together through the whole show, the taste levels did not exist.
  2. First things first, GREAT episode, real return to form after the horrible challenge last week and j less they've hyped it to high heaven next week looks lit too. Well done DRUK.

    In order of how they did for me this week,
    01. Divina - I was struggling with who my favourite was but I thought maybe Divina had the edge. This week she confirmed it, a shoot in every sense.

    02. Crystal - surprised how many people aren't liking Crystal. I think she's lovely and cute and has stepped up to the plate so far. That's a winning outfit most other weeks.

    03. The Vivienne - the polish is unreal. People are complaining she's getting too big for her boots but she's definitely backing it up by checking most every box.

    04. Blu - I was a bit disappointed, it was certainly enough to be safe but I too thought this could be her challenge and it was far short of what the top three offered.

    05. Sum Ting - I was actually impressed?! It did look awkward to walk in but I loved that she constructed that and thought it somewhat chic. Plus she's a DOLL.

    06. Cheryl - this week I did agree with the positioning, it was.. fine.

    07. Vinegar - so lovely, but what a mess. But at least she tried to challenge herself.

    08. Baga - I can't fathom how they zoomed into those hideous scourer pants multiple times but kept her safe? It was awful. Way worse than Vanjie's construction. The pros are that she did really sell it and also delivered a couple of the funniest moments of the episode in her talking heads, she has been really funny (SORRY) but if we're judging on the challenge, lip syncing. Also LOL at her doing a whole 'I'm not a Tory!!!!' Press tour then looking to do Maggie T next week!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed that.
  3. What I was shocked at was when Graham was critiquing the top 3 with Ru and said that Crystal's outfit WASNT fashion and Vivienne's was. Crystal's may have been exaggerated, with the hips but every part of her creation was 'fashion'. Did you see the detailing on the velvet material in the back? Hands down the best look a Drag Race contestant has had in a very long time.

    I love Graham but bring back Alan Carr.

    Also I dont get the love for Blu's outfit, she should have been read for wearing the exact same chaps as last week.
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  4. Blu's outfit reminded me too much of Chad Michael's All-stars promo.
  5. Cheryl Hole is so underwhelming. She should have been in the bottom by now but I expect they're keeping her around until Cheryl Cole is a guest judge for the bantz.
  6. YES. It’s all I could think of when she came out on the runway.

    If we get a makeover challenge this season, I’m praying it’s on random rugby players or something and not ‘famous’ bellends like Dan W**ton
  7. Crystal's look was deceptively complex and I wish she'd explained fully how much work it took. She made such a tasteful outfit that you couldn't really see how 'trash' it looked, and that's to her credit.
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  8. I kind of want this to happen just to see The Vivienne’s reaction to a journalist from The S*n

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  9. I'm still very underwhelmed from this season... so far we had three of the worst lip syncs of the whole franchise, the girls (bar The Vivienne) looks like a mess and both Ru and Michelle are playing too nice on them - the way Ru talked to Crystal about being an "hairy queen" is beyond ridiculous... in the US version she would have been called out on this on day 1, here it's "amazing really".

    This was the first episode where the script jumped out, Cheryl Edwards Hole should have been safe and Baga should have been bottom (either 2 or 3), that dress was a big mess.
    I agree with Divina's win, overall I enjoyed her look more than Crystal's even though Crystal's dress was really amazing.

    Vinegar was head to toe a complete mess, so her elimination was right on point for me.
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  10. Can some of y'all start spelling their names right?

    It's DIVINA (not DAvina) and it's VIVIENNE (not ViVIAN).

    And yes my tone IS pointed, it's not that hard to get that right after the third fucking episode.

    She was funny but it was her time to go and the right person went home. She can't even be bothered to glue the pages of the fucking book properly to her bottom.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I....loved Sum Ting's look? Definitely better than Baga's.
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  12. How they did not put Baga in the bottom is so mind boggling to me, the material she used was pretty cool, but she did not do anything with it and the back of it was a Serena Cha Cha sized mess.

    Sum Ting look was well put together, but I get why she was in the bottom
  13. Uhhh... Ru looked fucking amazing
  14. This isn't the US version so I expect a little divergence. Crystal's aesthetic is an entirely justified perspective. I hope Ru learns to appreciate it.
  15. I love Divina and she had a great look but the judges reasoning for Crystal not winning despite having the most creative and polished look because apparently it... "wasn't fashion"?

    And don't even get me started on Baga being safe for wearing a steel wool turd.

  16. I know this isn't US version but that doesn't mean that Ru's taste or opinions change just because she crossed the sea.

    We all know what type of drag aesthetic they prefer, feminine, tall, blonde, fashion model and Crystal is far from being feminine (not just for the hairy body).

    By the way did I secretly think that boy Crystal is fucking hot? Hell yeah I am.
  17. I find boy Crystal so hot. I know Vas kinda ruined it for me with that Arrested Development comparison, but he's STILL HOT.
  18. Sign me up to the Boy Crystal Fan Club too.
  19. I just remembered I saw Coco, Stacey Layne and a bunch others there once and was the first thing that came to mind ñññ

    They go to Heaven for Porn Idol and that's it, right?


    On the episode, it was truly the best we've got so far.

    I really struggled to pick a favourite between Divina and Crystal and I wouldn't have been mad with a double win.

    Cheryl deserved a Bottom 2, but I guess they wanted the friends to eliminate each other and blablabla. I'll miss Vinegar. Truly the trade of the franchise.

    Bagga... the favouritism, far too much.
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  20. This kind of creative challenges are always my favorite and I really liked this one. Divina, Crystal and The Vivienne fucking brought it and I'm really glad Divina won. Baga should have been in the bottom.
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