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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. First things first Ru or Michelle shouldn’t be harsh on anyone for being a hairy queen. Let’s be happy she’s being force onto some sort of evolution and hope this opens doors for different queens in the US as well. The fishy compliments and complaint are long past their time now.
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  2. I really don't get the accusations of favouritism towards Baga. The dress was alright - not RuPeter badge material but not bottom either.

    Probably more a case that Baga's not so popular on here.
  3. It was hideous, sis. The bottom half in particular was shapeless and unflattering.
  4. aux


    The outfit was shite, if you can’t see that, then I recommend paying a visit to Specsavers.
  5. I mean, Baga herself looked amazed that she was safe. Her reaction was literally relief that "there are three outfits worse than mine!"

    Cheryl's wasn't super original but it was still better than Baga's.

    The bottom two was absolutely right, though. And that wig on Vinegar... sis.
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  6. This Is what I don't really get, I get that they are gunning for a sort of 'redemption' storyline with Cheryl, and her outfit was extremely safe, but in no way possible was she worse than Baga (She was bottom 2 material), no way.

    I am sad Vinegar left, but that outfit was a mess.
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  7. Even her runway walk is copied from Alyssa Edwards. I like Cheryl a lot, but I can see where the criticism is coming from. She's apparently a fierce live performer/lipsyncer so that might be her saving grace.
  8. Viv ain’t leaving without a crown ;)
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  9. Sam


    Stop that
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  10. The Vivienne needs to shut the fuck up, to be honest.
  11. In the context of the whole task, I think there were worse queens.

    But even if we agree to disagree about that task specifically and put it to one side, I still don't get the accusations of favouritism.
  12. Maga’s outfit had the same problems Vanjie was eliminated for and aesthetically was even uglier.

    Last week she was giving me overacting on a “what if Mimi got a good edit?” level and blatantly didn’t bother fitting the runway brief.
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  13. I am rooting for Divina. Floored by her look this week and her acting last week. It looks like she's getting the Jinkx edit with Baga, Viv and Crystal being her Rolaskatox.
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  14. Scream, I obviously meant Vinegar
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  15. The Vivienne's was the only good look in my opinion, and her mug is absolutely flawless. I appreciated what Divina was trying to do but she desperately needed some padding underneath.
    I don't like bodyhair on queens, it just ruins the whole illusion and is all I can focus on, sorry but Crystal can go next.
    Baga should have 100% been in the bottom for that monstrosity.
  16. P.s. the Maypole mini challenge was really fun.
    Wow, this ice cold take.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Poor Crystal, she doesn't deserve this.
  18. I don’t get why the body hair thing bothers people. A queen can walk around in a laundry bag or a dress made entirely out of washing up gloves, but heaven forbid she hasn’t shaved her chest? Drag is a form of rebellion, and it fits the brief.

    (Also, cis women have body hair too, btw.)
  19. I loved this episode in contrast to last week, but I also saw it at my first ever DR viewing party. Made everything that much more enjoyable. Including, annoyingly...Baga. Delete it but I laughed with the others at her 'moments'.

    Cheryl being bottom made no sense to me. She looked cute, she looked drag and she met the brief. Someone make it make sense.

    Divina winning was justice. She looked incredible. We love a mix of references.

    I adore The Viv but I'm glad Michelle pointed out how it wasn't an innovative look.

    Crystal's chest hair IS stupid because she doesn't have enough of it for it to land at all. It just ends up looking like bad/smudged contour. If she was a hairy beast it would more sense as a statement. Right now it feel like she can't be arsed shaving/losing 'sex appeal' as a boy and she's justifying it. I'm not feeling the non-gender-specific fantasy I think she thinks she's cojuring with that.
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  20. Baga is yasss gawd mama run through a Carry On filter
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