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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Between watching Dragula and my local drag shows I find the resistance to embrace the chest hair on the judging panel to just be insanely regressive.

    Mainstream Drag is light years ahead of the show at this point.
  2. I did...Sum Ting’s lipsync was fantastic, she felt every word, which can’t be said for the previous lipsync’s so far this season. I think the only reason the song choice hasn’t been mentioned much is down to it being a repeated choice, seeing as it was on season 1, filter and all, in 2009.
  3. Come join us, sis.
  4. Ru and Michelle judging Crystal:

  5. Also this thread being like "yea I like Crystal but like... grow more body hair!!1!" is fun
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I just see Austin Powers every time Cheryl Hole does one of those little talk to camera things.

    Sum Ting is adorable.
  7. Cheryl Hole is a stan account she's either channeling Alyssa or Courtney Act.
  8. I find Cheryl very charming. I don't get the hate.
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  9. I've only just started watching the original Drag Race on netflix thanks to the UK show and they've already done Would I LIe To You in a lip-synch in the first few episodes. I was wondering if this was some kind of gay anthem as it's been chosen early on both sides of the atlantic?
  10. It’s probably one of Ru’s favourite songs!
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  11. The idea that Crystal's statement is less valid because she doesn't have enough hairs on her chest is ridiculous.
  12. Sam


    ...... no one’s ...... questioning .... her validity
  13. This is the opposite of validating. Quite sad, really. Crystal doesn't feel the need to shave in order to fit into someone else's idea of drag, that should be the end of discussion.
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  14. The validity of her statement is being questioned. Saying "a full BUSH would be a statement" is basically saying anything other than that is not a statement (or a weaker statement).
  15. Post more Evah Destruction plz
  16. But how long until we see the dolls stepping out on stage untucked.

    It’s legit surprising given how commonly I see it these days
  17. Give a fuck if a queen is tucked or not.
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  19. I wouldnt be surprised if Ru/producers would fully shut it down before it reached the runway given previous form
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  20. Three episodes in and they still continue to make the classic ‘Americans describe Brits’ faux pas’:
    Using phrases that have not been relevant in years (stiff upper lip/guvnah)
    Terrible accents
    Assuming England and the UK are synonymous

    Thankfully, the queens are carrying the show and giving us levels of charm, wit and camaraderie that the US version could only dream of. The pre-runway discussions are also genuinely engaging and don’t feel forced.
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