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RuPaul's Drag Race UK - 2019

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Constructed or not, this episode was genuinely great at setting up all the possible future plotlines of the series: how will Sum deal with sending home Vinegar? How long will the Baga-Vivienne axis last? Will Crystal try to get close to them? Will they let her? Is there going to be drama with a newly legitimised Divina? What's the role of Blu in all this: goner or wild card? In this sense, putting Cheryl in the bottom 3 is understandable but so heavy ended that it stops being enjoyable. It's clear the more she struggles the more her possible redemption will be stronger, but they couldn't even be arsed to properly justify it. Her critiques basically amounted to "you went safe for something that's not your strongest suit and you did good enough", pretty rich with a damn metal diaper going around backstage.
  2. I'm enjoying the show but I also think they should get British hosts if they do a second series. Think how much funnier it would be if the host understood what the queens were saying.
  3. Girls I'm just saying it looks lame mixed with mediocre brown breast contour and would be better either sans contour, shaved completely, or, in an ideal world, even more pronounced. In my opinion. I said to bring on the hairy queens like a post after.

    The girls on this show are some of the most 'polished' and traditional looking (including Crystal) the UK has to offer so me saying I don't think what she's doing is all that interesting is because, to me, it isn't. And I see the levels it could be taken to in local drag all over the country.
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  4. I know exactly what you're saying. There's no misunderstanding. I'm saying it's wrong to call it lame and stupid when someone chooses to leave their body hair natural.

    To qualify your view by saying it wouldn't be lame and stupid if they had a chest like a bear doesn't really make a difference in my opinion.
  5. Crystal has EVERY right to expose her wispy patch of drain hair glued onto her chest...and we have every right to point out that it looks like she's slapped some soil on her chest when she tries to contour titties over it.

    If you know good hairy drag (Evah Destruction, Pinche, JP), you know that aspect of Crystal's aesthetic isn't as realised or 'radical' as she thinks it is.
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  6. Just say you want her to shave because she isn't a bear and go
  7. That’s literally not what they’re saying.
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  8. BTG


    This really is a lot of conversation based on Crystal’s chest hair or lack thereof.

    Let’s just stan Evah’s hairy body, let Crystal do her weird hair contour thing, drag Ru and Michelle’s limited view of drag and call it a day.
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  9. Can’t we just bury our heads in Evah’s hairy ass the sand and talk about how perched we are for Snatch Game?
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  10. This language is precisely why there's a lot of conversation about it.
  11. This is fascinating discourse when I’m treating the chest hair like any other element of a drag look that is on stage to be judged, and others are...doing whatever they think they’re doing re: twink rights. I’d prefer a look I’ve been presented if an element was tweaked. (If anything - the contour is the issue for me)
    Nothing radical about that.

    Or ha drag kii
  12. BTG


    The contour did look weird. It was smudged/blended into her hair and didn’t really give the illusion of breasts that Crystal intended. I think the look would’ve been stronger had she forgot about the contour altogether and just had her hairy chest.

    And I have seen some of the bizarre critique she has got on Twitter telling her to shave it, which I find a little baffling and telling of sanitised view on drag that Drag Race has helped foster. It may not have the same extreme, visual impact of Evah and her ass but I’m glad she kept it. Anything that makes Ru and Michelle challenge their limited view on drag, the better.

    When I tell you I screamed.
  13. Raven really was cos-playing as Sia with that look.
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  14. For me, she was giving me FameGa cosplay or now known as Ava Max’s career.
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  15. There's a local queen here in Chicago that has a similar small frame, hairy chest, and I think she pulls it off better... But also, she doesn't contour on boobs. I think contouring on boobs is when it gets weird looking because you're creating a shape of a fake boob shadow... but then the hair is negating the illusion.

  16. I thought the chest hair/glitter/contour combo came off perfectly on stage.
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  17. For years you all took the piss about how Ru and Michelle can’t accept different facades of drag,

    And then in 2019 you all have an argument for a couple of pages about a Drag Queen’s chest hair.

    Let her live.
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  18. Cheryl in the bottom 3 but Baga safe?!

  19. Acting challenges are usually always awful, so I'm happy to delete last week from my mind - this week was pretty much wonderful from start to finish, and the momentum into (what I reckon will be a great) Snatch Game is very exciting. Ru's hair/mug next week looks spectacular - Raven is now operating at full capacity, and booting Delta off was... a great move.

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much the cast really brought it here - aside from Baga and Vinegar, everyone else was perfectly passable up to truly fantastic.

    Divina is getting one of the best edits I've ever seen on Drag Race - not saying it's a stretch, as she seems delightful, but she's coming across brilliantly.

    I'm enjoying the slightly downsized cast, as I feel like I've got to know each of these queens very well in a short space of time, as they have all received substantial air time from the off. I would be more than happy to have all seasons of Drag Race trimmed to this, to be honest.
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