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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Spoiler:

    They apparently make a thing about it - sirens etc, and Ru needing to head back home to ‘be safe with his family’. And then presumably a reprisal with all the usual safety procedures next episode.

    Great first episode. Such a strong roster of queens - Lawrence came off brilliantly, and Tayce’s Welsh Dragon look was a knockout.
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  2. We stan a diverse queen.
  3. Amazing! Thank you!
  4. It’s all about Tayce.
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  5. BTG


    I’m not sure I’ve screamed more in my life at anything than “Tia Kofi as ALAN TURING”

  6. Tayce's dragon deserved a critique damn it!
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  7. I just wish it was this cast we were getting a 4-episode premiere with as opposed to their dull American counterparts.
  8. Those Maleficent hair horns pulling focus for the entire lipsync

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  10. Tayce is such a fucking icon already. Every moment on screen was TV gold. Crown her.

    But what a strong batch of queens also? Lawrence was brilliant and Asstina was fantastic. Tia is an absolute ray of sunshine and I kinda wanna be her best friend.

    I felt like it was a good episode for everyone though and even the bottom queens didn't do bad.
  11. I was screaming Shirley Bassey for Tayce - she's Welsh!

    These young queens
  12. LTG


    The half-hearted mimetyping was everything I needed.
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  13. @Holly Something, @munro, I know you've both been excited to see your girls on screen, I'm dying to hear what you thought.
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  14. My first thought was Rochelle Humes ddd.
  15. I'm not sure how you'd do a drag version of Rochelle. As she doesn't really have a distinctive style or over the top / in your face personality.

    Unless you did her with the dog and champagne when All Fired Up was iTunes number one for 7/11ths of a Second.
  16. Or during the Chasing Lights era when they all wore black dresses with colour-coded leggings.
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  17. Asstina was serving Azealia Banks face in her entrance look - I wish I had her confidence

    This show is just so refreshing compared to the US run at the moment and Ru seems to be having a lot more fun
    I found Graham a bit annoying this time out so am looking forward to Alan and Sheridan Smith next week
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  18. BTG


    Tia is a JOY. Her wig was a cultural frizzy moment. Don’t @ me.

    Tayce is everything and I gasped at Asstina’s Naomi.

    The confessional lighting highlighting A’Whora’s poorly matched foundation ddddd.
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  19. Screaming that the UK version didn’t pull a Sharon Needles edit and fully showed Cherry marching her ass back out and in again.
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  20. I'm glad they kept it, Cherry had a good attitude about it, and it was legitimately funny.
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