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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Rats the Rusical! US found gagging
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  2. I just had tears of laughter at Bimini's Norwich lewk, really served that regional hun getting too enthused for the big match.
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  3. Sad our Brighton queen was first to go... but she did look nothing like the Pavilion. Should've done the Pier. Or the i360.
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  4. So she showed me this years ago and ever since I randomly shout "Vote Lawrence for activities" and now people will know what I'm on about.
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  5. Not Bletchley Park!! I can’t stop thinking about Tia’s Alan Turing runway and cackling. What a great queen.
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  6. Just so absolutely proud. I screamed so loud at her entrance that I hurt my throat nn. I think she came across really well, although I think she got a slightly... bitchy? edit that seemed weird. I did enjoy her "well none of you said it to my face" and "it was a cultural frizzy moment and I stand by it" lines though.
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  7. Did that feel like probably the most obvious case of predetermined tops / bottoms / judges comments in the franchise.. ever?

    Watching the lipsync I fully thought it was a stunt to ensure a great lipsync after the terrible ones last season and it'd be a double shantay, because it seemed so absurd that Joe would go considering the handful of out-of-their-depth queens there.

    Other than that being frustrating to watch, I'm in. Tayce and Asttina... yes.
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  8. What was with Joe's lip synch? Did she forget the words or was it supposed to be humorous?
  9. I assumed it was a play on the lyrics "Relax, don't do it." but I could be wrong.
  10. Was she elected in the end? dd
  11. I mean Kate Bush in red is NOT the most iconic look.


    This look was made for the drag race runway, black chiffon reveal and all.
  12. No Manchester Queens again... Tits McGee
    But let me say, I love Lawrence, Tia, Tayce and Veronica Green so far, so there's that.
    Liz Hurley was a great judge (even if she voted leave), and Michelle and Ru are as livelier and funnier as they were in S1.
    Also finally a bloody great lipsync as well....
  13. It’s such a shame they couldn’t commission an extra episode for the series and have this as a double shantay. This kind of episode, where there’s no maxi challenge, really doesn’t give any queen a chance to show off what they can do before they get the chop.

    Joe wasn’t necessarily bad but just happened to be worse in comparison.
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  14. I honestly thought Joe was giving up mid-lipsync? The moment where he stopped mouthing the lyrics and was... going down in an elevator or something? That was shit, sorry.
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  15. Yeah it didn't translate at all for me. I thought she'd forgotten the words and given up ddd
  16. Sam


    The right person stayed x
  17. Yeah, it definitely felt like a ‘bit’ that didn’t quite fully land, but it was a strong lip-sync overall.
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  18. I can tell that Joe would be incredible in a cabaret Spiegeltent show. From the lip sync (and also because I'm obsessed with her), Bimini had to stay, but Joe seems like one of the stronger queens to go in week 1 across the franchise.
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  19. Lawrence said on an IG Live after the show last night that she had planned to do Dusty Springfield as her Icon look but production told her another girl was already doing that so she changed to Diana Rigg. Makes me wonder why they let two Naomis go ahead but only one Dusty?
  20. They probably thought 2 girls doing Naomi would cause drama so swayed Lawrence away from Dusty so that there wasn’t someone else being done twice to make it seem like Naomi being done twice was a big deal.

    I loved that Tayce and Asttina didn’t take the bait though.
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