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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I liked that Asttina and Tayce both doing Naomi was set up to be a big argument between the two queens but turned into a great sisterly moment and discussion about representation.
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  2. Naomi x2 was also the catalyst for the POC representation conversation which was a really cute moment. So it might have been engineered a bit with that in mind.
  3. I’m still not over them trying to create a “Veronica looks like Kylie!!” viral moment. That’s Gina G luv x
  4. 2014

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    A great episode! Asttina, Cherry, Bimini and Tia are my top 4 right now; Liz Hurley was legendary, and the lip-sync song was GREAT. Can't wait for next week!
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  5. 100% the answer I predicted but was hoping wouldn’t be the case. Steering drama towards 2 of the POC contestants in episode 1 starts to paint the stereotypical ‘aggressive black person on reality show’ narrative. As you said, so proud of the girls for not falling for it.
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  6. I mean I could be wrong but given the show’s track record, it seems more likely to be the case. I hope I’m wrong and it was actually engineered to set up the representation discussion, though.
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  7. The other win is Asstina and Tayce looked so gorgeous nobody was thinking about Naomi.
  8. Such a good point, and I would add this to the list of reasons that make the UK edition quite special.

    Also the right Naomi won, Tayce's Naomi looked like... Tayce? However I don't necessarily see how Asttina was the clear winner of the episode, it felt quite arbitrary. And I would dare say the bottom 2 was also questionable. But this probably just shows how strong the cast is overall.
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  9. It's a shame that the diversity in the cast isn't that improved from Season 1. We've gone from 80% white queens to... 75%.
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  10. Scream at Michelle scamming everyone into thinking her name is spelt "Asstina". This year's "Davina" discovered.
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  11. My initial impression was that neither Joe or Bimini belonged in the bottom 2 but there were so many costumes I can't remember exactly what belonged to who now.

    Joe has posted a photo of the inside of Brighton Pavillion on his Instagram stories and to be fair it is pretty bloody gold.
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  12. It was a beautiful gown, and the pavilion can be as gold as it wants inside, but there was a clear dissociation between the judges (and probably a fair whack of the audience), the representation of Brighton and his costume.
    Did the right Queen go... well maybe not in the long run, and hopefully we'll get to see them bed in more next season when the BBC increase the episode amount again.
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  13. Ellie's mug is CAPTIVATING. Girl can paint.
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  14. I don't know anything about Joe and where they're from but I clocked straight away that it was Brighton, even though I've only just been there once as well (guess I just loved the pavilion?!?!?). What I will say though, as a Nottingham Gal, we are more than just Robin Hood, and TWO Robin Hood's c'mon...
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  15. I think because the standard of this cast is uniformly high for one series Drag Race, the bottom two were strong enough to stay in any other episode, just not one as stacked as this. The criticisms were so picky, but I suppose they had to be just so someone could go first. None of the queens were outright bad. Also, this has potential to be one of the top tier seasons of Drag Race, it really does.
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  16. I'm glad I'm not alone here.
    I would've loved to see someone do even a little bit of history and maybe come out in a Jayne Torvill-style look made of nothing but lace.
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  17. Just got to echo my joy for the first episode, really really good

    Just like with season 1, Ru looking engaged and interested and not like she wants to be anywhere else is nice to see again
  18. Exactly! That whole area isn't called the Lace Market for fun.
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  19. Sam


    I have to laugh at A’whora saying she’s “norvun as ell” in MTQ and turning out to be from .... Nottingham
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  20. Me googling Nottingham pop stars and
    Ru and Michelle would have been all over that.
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