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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S2)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Sam


    Absolutely fucking not. I’m sorry you don’t have the range to appreciate the levels of superstardom radiating from her.

    Vulnerability, humour, and mug all in one spectacular Scottish package? On your nerves? I don’t think
  2. I’m not enjoying Laurence in his commentary at all.
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  3. I really liked Cherry Valentine from the minute she walked in and I’m disappointed that I see her go so early. But her lip synch was pretty dire. She didn’t even try. And she didn’t know the words. Bitch, if you don’t know the words to Memory are you even gay?

    Also, dear BBC and Rupaul, it’s called MEMORY not MEMORIES. The theatre queens all clutched their pearls at that one.
  4. Ok x
  5. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The winner was pretty obvious the moment the runway happened... but, while I expected the eliminated queen in the bottom two, I was not expecting her to completely bottle the lip sync like that.

    These queens do know that musical theatre is about using the space you have on stage, right? And remembering the words?
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  6. Not you throwing hands for my girl so I don’t have to! Queen shit x
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  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    LOVED Tia and Veronica this week, but Tayce deserves so much better. And here I was thinking Cherry was the clear highlight out of The Rat Pack girls!
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  8. This was a fantastic episode. The Rusical really felt more dynamic with the live singing element and also really demanding on the queens, meaning the stakes felt higher. Veronica killed it in both the challenge and the presentation of her runway, after not being on my radar at all.

    Numerous great runways (Asstina’s look was a complete gag) and loads of great lines too (“This is R2D2 much!” made me scream).
  9. I feel like everyone was at least ok or better on both the rusical and the runway. So they really had to nit-pick at everything.
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  10. Okay so my thing with Lawrence and it's not the poor girls fault is that she really reminds of a very annoying and racist twitter gay so any potentially annoying trait will instantly trigger me.

    Veronica was an incredible winner and giving me Dela level energy as a contender. I know I'm a little tia bag but I really think that was a deserving double win. Reiterate what I said in the US thread that runway should never determine placement unless it's a design challenge.
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  11. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    A’Whora referring to Tia’s Turing costume as the “Code Da Vinci thing”...

    Drag Race stop casting queens with half a brain cell challenge. Do that challenge.
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  12. Sam


    A sewing challenge next week!!! This is my favourite season ever so far
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  13. Ddddddddddd not Miss Holly Something with the intel here!

    Veronica Green's performance was indeed amazing, quite possibly some of the best singing I've ever heard on Drag Race. And her Stepford Wife runway was also good. Deserved the win.

    Thought the judges were a bit harsh about Tia's outfit, but I gotta say, she could use some polish. (EDIT: I hope the looks thing won't be her downfall, because she's amazing otherwise and I am in full blown Tia Bag mode).
    Also thought they were harsh on Cherry Valentine, neither outfit nor performance seemed that bad to me? She did lose the lipsync though, so based on that at least the right queen went home. Still, I'm sorry we won't see her Alan-Cumming-Junior confessionals going forward.
    On the other hand, Ellie Diamong seemed overpraised. Yes, it was three costumes, but literally every single one of them was too basic? We've had better scarecrows, better tin men and better lions on Drag Race.
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  14. Sister Sister acting like a disappointed schoolteacher with Lawrence nn

    “I’ve never seen someone break down like that” or whatever sis that’s me at the most minor inconvenience
  15. I am absolutely heartbroken to see Cherry go, it was not her time. There is no denying Lawrence deserved to be in the bottom, I think even he knew it, but there was no way production was going to let him go this early. I guess Cherry was an easier casualty.
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  16. Oh My God, the Rusical was INSANE!

    I got Frock Destroyers vibes.
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  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Lawrence still served personality in the musical. Cherry was completely forgettable.
  18. This is probably common knowledge but when they're doing challenges like Rats or Downton Draggy etc, I know they're provided with costumes - Veronica didn't turn up with that ratsuit after all! - but how do they know they're going to have the right sizing etc? Do they just have a costume designer backstage once characters are assigned and they'll do alterations to stuff they have or are things hired last second? I've always wanted to know.
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  19. I’ve had a Drag Race tweet go viral. See you all in Hollywood, getting our life on top of this bus, oh my God it’s like a dream come true...

    I had to defend Lawrence in the replies #TeamScotland
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  20. Whoever chose Memories as a lip sync song should be fired.
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